Reach Your Fitness Goals

Exercise Equipment for Home

For those who don't have a gym membership, compact exercise equipment is imperative to getting fit.

Some fitness enthusiasts looking to buy exercise equipment for home use want pieces they are compact and easily stored. Many people don’t want to or can’t dedicate an entire room or area to fitness equipment.  If this is the case for you, consider smaller exercise equipment alternatives that cost far less and accomplish many of the same goals as regular gym equipment.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands, sometimes called exercise bands, come in many varieties and sizes. Resistance bands range from simple elastic ribbons that can be tied around hands, legs and ankles to more sophisticated cords with flexible handles attached. Resistance bands can be used for a number of exercises. According to Sports Injury Clinic, exercisers can work their upper bodies, arms, lower bodies, legs and core using these handy bands.

Pilates Ring

Many people use the Pilates ring to tone the insides of their thighs by placing the ring between both legs and squeezing against the resistance of the ring.  However, the Pilates ring isn’t just for Pilates. Pilates guide Marguerite Ogle of explains that the Pilates ring is useful especially for providing moderate resistance between arms, shoulders and chest.


There are almost as many variations of dumbbells as there are dumbbell exercises. Dumbbells are a useful piece of home gym equipment because users can purchase them in different weights and perform a variety of exercises. Shop around for a set of dumbbells that fits into the contour of your hands and is comfortable to pick up. Keep in mind that you might need several different weights to perform exercises that work your chest, back, arms, abs and legs.


Kettlebells are a popular piece of exercise equipment for home use. Like dumbbells, they require users to hold them with one or two hands at once, but unlike dumbbells, exercisers swing them around in all directions to give the body an extended workout. Take caution when using kettlebells, though, as it’s not impossible to lose your grip and send them sailing into your brand new TV. Choose a safe location to exercise when using this equipment.

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