20 Weight Lifting Success Stories

At WeightTraining.com, we’re all about helping you create a personalized workout plan that will get you to your fitness goals, as quickly as possible. But how do you stay motivated to follow the plan?

One way is to read other success stories: real people who went from flab to fab. Check out the stories (and pictures) of the bloggers below, and get inspired to make a change in your life by doing some of your own weight training!

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#1) Jill Jacobs

Her Success: She started out losing weight by running, and then realized that it was becoming a chore.  So she switched to a mixture of cardio and weight lifting, and discovered just how great it was for her. [Read her story here.]

Jill Jacobs

Lesson Learned: Weight lifting doesn't make women manly-looking; it makes them more feminine.

#2) Red

Red is a weight lifting success story not because he lost a huge amount of weight -- although he went from 200 pounds to 175 -- but because he learned an absolutely vital lesson. [Read about it here.] The article that inspired Red was Brian Kim's Why Every Man Should Lift Weights.

Lesson Learned: Stick with it; it's hard.

#3) John Stone

John decided to lose his beer belly in 2004, and went from a regular Joe to a fitness guru who runs his own website dedicated to helping you lose weight and get in the best possible shape.  [Check out his transformation in photos.]


Lesson Learned: Weight training and staying healthy are not one-time goals, but ongoing journeys.  He started in 2004, and hasn't stopped since.

#4) Rob Cooper

Rob Cooper is best known on the Internet as "The Former Fat Guy."  He was sick of weighing 475 pounds, but didn't want to take pills.  So instead he figured out a diet and exercise regimen that worked, and lost nearly 300 pounds.

Lesson Learned: Diet and exercise variety are key.  Cardio can help you lose weight, but beyond a certain point, Rob found that weight lifting cut down his body fat even further and gave him more energy and more power. [See his photos here.]  Cutting out the junk food was the icing on the cake (no pun intended).

#5) David Elmore Smith

David Elmore Smith once weighed 630 pounds.  But a health scare woke him up, and he started eating right and weight lifting, melting off weight in the process. [See his photos here, or watch his inspiring story here.]

Lesson Learned: It doesn't matter how much you weigh or how low your energy is: once you get started, you can burn off the pounds.

#6) Luis

An anonymous member of the Weight Loss Blog, we find Luis inspiring because he started out as an obese man, and turned himself into a super-fit superhero with a weight lifting program. [Read his story here.]

Lesson Learned: It doesn't matter what age you are, what matters is that you start working out.  That makes the difference.

#7) Sean Anderson

Sean went from over 500 pounds down to 230 pounds. And, even better, he kept careful records of each day while he was doing it, starting right at day one. [Read his blog here.]

Sean Anderson BeforeSean Anderson After

Lesson Learned: There are days where you're frustrated or can't get to the gym or feel like you have no good food options. But you can get past any obstacle as long as you stick with it.

#8) J. Mills

This bodybuilder spent five years lifting weights and working out, but he had no idea what he was really doing until he started researching nutrition and the best exercises.  He went from fit to ripped in five months. [Check out his story here.]

Lesson Learned: When you know what you're doing, transformation happens and it happens fast.  Less than half a year of proper nutrition did what working out alone couldn't.

#9) Elliot Berlin

Elliot was so overweight he couldn't get life insurance.  He couldn't even get on a treadmill.  So he started small and worked his way up. [Read his story here.]

Elliot Berlin

Lesson Learned: Even small efforts, at first, can build into big rewards.  Stick with a program and you'll see the results you want.

#10) The Token Fat Girl

Blogger Lorrie Fenn works hard and tries everything, and shares in her struggles. Just as importantly, she prides herself in her successes, such as her ongoing experiment to work out six times a week, every week. [Read her blog here.]

Lesson Learned: It's the struggle that makes the success all the sweeter.  Her joy at achieving her goals is inspiring.

#11) Heather Bear

This mother put on a lot of baby weight, and found herself in the worst shape of her life.  But she turned it around with discipline, including exercising at 11pm if she had to, and careful decisions. [See her photos here.]

Heather Bear

Lesson Learned: Even if you fall off the wagon, there's absolutely no reason you can't climb back on.  It's about mental strength, not physical.

#12) Skinny Hollie

Skinny Hollie has an interesting weight loss blog, especially when she experiments with weightlifting.  She offers more proof that even lifting a little weight can help you keep those extra pounds off. [Read her blog here.]

Lesson Learned: There are multiple strategies for losing weight, but you've got to stick with them to really make them work.

#13) A Merry Life

Mary is a newlywed who wanted to shed the pounds, and turned to strength training to do it.  So far, it's been a success: 40 pounds lost and more on the way. [Read about her journey here.]



Lesson Learned: Mary has a lot to teach us. But the key lesson?  Variety.  She shakes up her strength-training and cardio routines, and it helps stave off gym boredom.

#14) Fat Man Unleashed

The Fat Man Unleashed, aka Frank C., doesn’t keep your typical weight loss blog.  Witness his latest post, where he compares five pounds of fat against five pounds of water. [Check it out here.]

Lesson Learned: Motivation can come for inspiring sources, and Frank has plenty of inspiration for you. But sometimes, a gross reminder of what you're losing is just as important.  Go ahead, see his top video and see if you don't eat salads for a few days.

#15) Skinny Emmie

What we like most about Skinny Emmie is that she's not a stick, but instead a realistic woman losing weight in a realistic way. [Read her blog here.]

Lesson Learned: It's not about your looks, it's about your health.  Looking good is just a side benefit: weight training is about being healthier to be there for your family and friends.

#16) Jessica of JessWeightLoss

Jess lost 140 pounds.  How?  By keeping it simple: cutting the junk food and getting on the move more. [Check out her photos here.]

Jessica Weight Loss

Lesson Learned: You don't need complicated plans to get great results.

#17) Prior Fat Girl

This website tracks each woman as she follows a path for weight loss, but it's Ann's journey we're interested in, as she tries out weight lifting and runs into some tough psychological challenges. [Read her new rules of weightlifting here.]

Lesson Learned: Statistics only go so far: weight training will help with weight loss, but you need to build the muscle first, and it's a gradual journey.

#18) Roni's Weigh

Roni, who combines a weight loss blog and a mommy blog, really serves as a lesson for those of us whining about how little time we have.  She's got two kids, a marriage, and a career: what's our excuse?  Especially interesting is how she juggled gym visits and family time, which can be a bumpy ride for anybody. [See her progression pictures here.]

Roni Noone

Lesson Learned: If you have children, you make time for your health for them, not use them as an excuse to sit on the couch.

#19) The Anti-Jared

Tony, a professional chef, lost over 200 pounds.  He had to; it was literally, as he explains, killing him.  What's interesting about him is that he started out losing weight, and did it.  Then he turned to gaining muscle to help keep the fat off. [Check out his photos here.]

Lesson Learned: His years of yo-yo dieting dinged his motivation. But he kept going by finding a diet and regimen that worked, and sticking with it.

#20) Jack Fit

Warning: Not Work Safe.  But that's why we love Jack Fit; not only does he detail his travails lifting weight and losing weight, he does it in the bluntest, and most hilarious, way possible. [See how many people love him.]

Jack Fit

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, laughter really is the motivation you need.

weight scale

Want to jump on the bandwagon and get in tip-top shape, too? WeightTraining.com is here for you.  We've got dozens of videos and walkthroughs to explain different types and styles of exercises, and we've got tools to help you build the perfect exercise program. Find a workout plan that fits you, and join the weight loss group today!



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