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We were lucky enough to interview George Guerin, CSCS for's Blog. Not only is he the editor of Health & Fitness Blog, but he is also #7 on's "Top 100 Fitness Blogs".

George is the President/Founder of Professional Personal Training Systems. PPTS helps people love fitness and accomplish healthy lifestyles. Even with his busy schedule of transforming average people into the ultimate fitness machines, he was able to answer a few questions for our readers! Before we get to the interview, let us tell you a little bit about how important of a personal trainer George Guerin really is. Here is a little about George Guerin, CSCS:

About George Guerin, CSCS:

President and founder of PPTS, George obtained his degree in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University School of Medicine. His background in academics and athletics provided him with a strong foundation for extensive work in the fitness industry.

As former head trainer of CASA Spa and Fitness, George developed and implemented his training philosophy: safe, effective and enjoyable exercise programming. He has educated other trainers on such practices, authored user manuals for exercise equipment and contributes articles regularly to the NYC-based Web site

Gran Crea magazine recognized George as a Global Top Trainer for his methods and the 15,000+ hours spent training. George volunteers in the community by coaching summer soccer programs that have received rave reviews. As a way to continue his own education and understanding of training, George attends mentorship programs with the best trainers in the country and has studied with fitness industry VIPs Mark Verstegan in Tempe, AZ and Mike Boyle in Boston.

George has established his dedicated client-base by training royalty, celebrities, socialites and corporate titans from around the world. George is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American College of Sports Medicine and by the American Council on Exercise.

Now that you know a little more about George, and how great of a personal trainer he really is, take a look at his exclusive interview with

What is your favorite type of personal workout?

George: I certainly practice what I preach, more than anything I love being active. Most of my working out is to enhance performance in the many athletic hobbies that I participate in. Some of my favorites are playing soccer, kayaking, running, biking and skiing. My personal workouts are a big super-setting combination of suspension training, CrossFit, Olympic lifts and bodyweight training which are tailored to my current athletic goal. 

I usually run to the gym (1.5 miles each way), get in 30 minutes of resistance training using the above methods to enhance my performance. As a trainer (who isn't getting any younger at age 36), I want to be able to keep up with my clients for the long haul, so a part of each workout definitely has its share of corrective exercises to keep me healthy for many more years.  

What is your funniest story from your personal training experience?

George: That is a tough question, I've been a trainer full time for 13 years and I have spent much of the time laughing (I think entertaining clients is certainly part of training). I can go into some of the craziest excuses I have had like my cat is sick or I have to do my child's homework, etc... I've had some funny requests such as "I need exercises to lift certain parts of my body (I usually refer to a popular plastic surgeon)." I have had offers to move my family to Europe and the Middle East to train clients there.  I'm not going anywhere!

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What are 3 Pros and 3 Cons of being a personal trainer?

We thought this would be an interesting question for George. Like always, he gave some great insight!

The pros: 

  1. The entrepreneurial mode of training. Whether you train for a big organization such as Equinox or are an independent contractor you are forced to build your own business within the organization. This may be a Con for some but I enjoy the business aspect to training
  3. Because I am in NYC, there is great opportunity to meet amazing people. I consider myself lucky because I have such a great client base consisting of royalty, corporate titans, celebrities and athletes.  
  5. The schedule. I can train 6 or 7 clients and be home by 1pm, of course you must be willing to get up early.  

The cons:

  1. You need to be in the right market for training, I think most think of it as a luxury service. In my opinion, you can make a great living as an independent trainer in upscale locations around the US. If you live in a blue collar rural area, it might be more difficult to sustain a living as a trainer unless you are taking advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities of the business such as writing books, selling other services such as nutrition or selling other products. 
  3. The economy has a major effect on the industry. There are many box gyms selling lifetime memberships for as low as $15/month. I think this devalues the industry and will eventually lead to many big gyms going out of business. You can't sustain a fitness facility with such low rates, and in some areas the monthly fees are even less.   
  5. When people think of personal trainers unfortunately they think of Arnold, Jillian Michaels and now Bob Harper. Many people do not realize that "The Biggest Loser" is Hollywood and that's not what professional personal training sessions entail (that show is a tragedy waiting to happen). As trainers we have a terrible image.  We have an obligation to educate ourselves and change the image!  

What advice would you give to people just starting their personal trainer career?

George: Education and customer service is key. Get as many accredited gold standard certifications as possible and never stop learning. The more education you have, the more you will be able to help your clients to establish loyalty. Customer service goes a long way as well, almost as far as education. 

There are so many great trainers and we are all competing for clients. Letting the client know how special they are, how great they are doing by sending a card or making a simple phone call can really solidify your relationship with that client. I've had the same clients for over 10 years with literally no turnover.

What is your view on technology and fitness (i.e. apps, workout trackers, online personal trainers, etc)?

George: My view on technology is if it works to motivate our population than I think its great! As trainers we have an obligation to help the obesity epidemic that is prevalent in the country. If technology helps us reach the masses and provide motivation than we are on the right track.  

When we asked George for his thoughts on's NEW Automatic Workout Tracker, he had this to say:

"I like the idea of the automatic workout tracker, that's a great idea. It will certainly motivate people to workout more consistently if they start texting, faxing, calling in their workouts and can see their progress online. Very cool. "

We would like to thank George publicly for taking the time to answer some of our reader's questions! f you would like to stay updated with George' personal training endeavours, follow him on Twitter @PPTSWellness.

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