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Experience the Exhale Spa® toning class - from your own home!

Let us guide you on the path to building a strong core, developing washboard abs, and improving your posture. Start your journey today. The Core Fusion® is designed to fuel energy, shed pounds, boost self-esteem, and get you fully engaged in a physical and mental regime that becomes your life as it changes your life. Redefine your entire approach to wellbeing with a program designed to change the way you live and feel. Core Fusion® from Exhale Spa has been featured in Self Magazine, Women's Health, Shape, Access Hollywood, E! News and the NBC Today show. Fusing the disciplines of core conditioning, Pilates, the Lotte Berk Method, interval cardio training, and yoga, this highly-acclaimed mind body experience consistently delivers results that include washboard abs, a tighter and higher backside, long, lean muscles, and an athletic, toned body. Get ready to meet a whole new you.

Risk Free for Only $9.97

Monthly Subscription Price

Access Core Fusion Anywhere

Workout and track your calories anywhere

Stream workouts and track food, calories, and workouts from your smartphone, tablet, computer or web-enabled TV. With Android and iOS mobile apps you can add food as your eating it, look up calories before you consume, and update your progress from anywhere.

Take your workout with you on the road for work, to the gym, or when meeting friends at the local park. Mark your completion for an instant sync to your account across all platforms.

Find workouts on the go with the categorized and searchable routine library, or look up specific exercises.

The Tools You Need to Reach Your Goals

From a daily program schedule, and video directory to activity and food tracking, our tools help you reach your goal and stay motivated, without feeling lost. Make your calorie log as detailed as want make it, and track your weight, sleep, water and more. Update your journal and photos to see results over time. Search recipes, routines, and exercises or get involved in the community forums to connect with other users like you.

Our tools include:

  • Calorie Log
  • Custom Tracking Options
  • Journal
  • Community Forums
  • Routine and Exercise Library
  • Tips & Articles
  • Expert created Meal Plans and Recipes
  • Photo Albums

Learn to Eat Better

Meal plans created by experts

Choose a Nutritionist designed meal plan that fits your lifestyle and goals for daily meals, and search for recipes, articles and tips to learn to make better food choices and see results faster.

Some of the meal plans we offer:

  • Heart Healthy: Reduce health risks and feel energized with balanced meals and snacks rich in anti-oxidants, while low in fat and sodium.
  • High Protein: Build muscle and cut fat with meals and snacks low in saturated fats and refined carbs, yet filling and nutritionally balanced.
  • Low Carb: Feel great and lose weight with delicious meals and snacks full of healthy proteins and fats, and low on carbs.
  • Vegetarian: Delicious, nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks. Plenty of protein, fiber and anti-oxidants without the meat!
  • Weight Loss: Lose weight the right way – by eating balanced meals with the right portion sizes to help you drop the extra pounds.

Live Trainer Support

Our team of experts includes health and fitness professionals, trainers, Nutritionists, and Doctors. Our exercises, workouts, routines, recipes, and meal plans are designed to help you get healthy and stay safe. Utilize our expert staff and advisors for answers to your questions about health, diet, and exercise. Choose a program and meal plan that fits you, and feel confident in the guidance you receive.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to worry about

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your program, you can get a full refund within 30-days of your purchase. It’s easy and you can cancel at anytime. Sign up risk free.

Let's Recap What You'll Be Getting

  • Access Core Fusion Anywhere

    Do your workouts from home - you'll get exact instructions, trainer tips and more!

  • The Tools You Need to Reach Your Goals

    A certified personal trainer is available to answer questions and guide you every step of the way!

  • Learn to Eat Better

    Avoid any shipping costs and waiting around for your program to arrive. You can access everything immediately at any time online!

  • Live Trainer Support

    Daily email reminders help you stay on track and fit exercise into your schedule. You'll no longer have any excuses!

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    One-click tracking helps you manage your diet, weight, sleep, motivation, and more!

Risk Free for Only $9.97

Monthly Subscription Price