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Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Bounce, Build and Burn!! In just 20 minutes a day you can get gym-quality results right in your own home. Urban Rebounder workouts melt the pounds away without any pain and without putting stress on your joints. Worried about keeping your balance? Urban Rebounder come with a balance bar so beginner can hang on for the ride until they get the hang of it. Order the Urban Rebounder TODAY and get 5 FREE workouts on a Mega DVD!! Add a workout DVD so you can follow along with the pro's right from your own home! Compilation 1 DVD: INCLUDED FREE with purchase! Has over 4 hours of workouts for beginners to advanced! Compilation 2 DVD: Has unique and fun workouts to kick up your workout! Box and Bounce 40 min. Dance Bound 40 min. Core Bound 40 min. Hip Hop Bound 20min Compilation 3 DVD: Kick Bound - 35 min. Interval Bound - 40 min. Old Fashion Hi/Low - 45 min. Latin Bound - 30 min. Compilation 4 DVD: Resistance Bound - 40 min., Sports Specific Bound - 35 min. Ballet Bound - 35 min. African Bound - 25 min. Compilation 5 DVD: Stretch Bound - 30 min. Yoga Bound - 40min. Kids Bound Compilation DVD: 4 workouts on 1 mega dvd or 1 jumbo vhs first timers, beginner, intermediate and advanced urban rebound with your child and have the time of your life! Benifits of the Urban Rebounder: HELPS FIGHT FATIGUE: Rebounding tones the glandular system to increase the output of the thyroid gland. The pituitary and the adrenals- that help to restore energy. STRENGTHENS AND NOURISHES THE HEART: Rebounding strengthens the heart. Increasing the G-force will cause greater contraction. The involved muscles work harder and get stronger. By strengthening the heart muscle, rebounding allows the resting heart to beat less often. Each beat becomes more powerful and sends out a greater surge of blood around the body to nourish its 60 trillion cells. IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Rebounding encourages collateral circulation-the formation of new branch blood vessels that distribute blood to the heart. This is helpful when there is a lack of nutrition to the tissues as a result of impairment of the main blood flow. REDUCES BLOOD PRESURE: Rebounding boosts muscles tine in the middle arterial muscles which acts as a buffer during high stress periods. AIDS MUCSLE TRAINING: Muscle training from rebounding also helps return blood pressure to normal levels quicker after acute stress. LOWERS CHOLESTEROL AND FIGHTS HEART DISEASE: Rebounding has proven to help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.The Gym Urban Rebounder is unlike any rebounder made. It is specifically made for the gym environment or home use and designed for continual use. STOPS PREMATURE AGING: rebounding can actually reverse, prevent, or diminish the hardening of the arteries. By conquering the ultimate pathology, you will keep your mind alert, skin smooth, skeleton flexible, libido intact, kidneys functioning, blood circulation, liver detoxifying, enzyme systems alive, hold memory intact, and avoid all systems of the aging process. AIDS IN MUSCLE TONE: Rebounding affords a feeling of muscular vigor from increased muscle tone. Healthy muscles are important to our sense of well-being, our grace, our coordination, and our energy. The Gym Urban Rebounder weighs over 30 pounds and is made of high yield steel. The mat material is the same quality of the trade name PERMATRON but less slippery when wet from sweat There are over 1000 stitches in the mat and the weight capacity is 350 pounds. The Gym Urban Rebounder folds (with an easy to carry carrying case) like the home unit. The skirt is pulled back several inches from the mat to allow for more surface space to Urban Rebound. The legs are securely held in by inner spring legs that will not break like other competitors. The springs are jumbo tapered and are supported by steel pins. There are other rebounders that try to mimic the Gym Urban Rebounder but do not use the heavy duty steel nor compressed steel in the pins, which support the springs. The Urban Rebounding System is the powerful total body workout that is in nearly 3,000 health clubs worldwide (Bally's, Crunch, Equinox, Gold's, New York Sports Clubs, Sports Club LA, and the YMCA's, to name a few). New York Magazine ranked Urban Rebounding # 1 and a growing number of books are devoting whole chapters to the benefits of rebounding: Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power, Fit For Life, and The Detox. Backed through studies done by Cornell Medical School and N.A.S.A., you can't go wrong with this product. Let it make a difference in your life!\

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