How Do I Get More Personal Training Clients?


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  • There are many ways to grow your personal training business clientele.
  • Networking and building relationships can help greatly.
  • Having a strong online presence can also boost exposure which can help bring in more clients.
  • Advertising and promoting discounts can help grow your clientele as well.

There are many ways to go about attaining new clients for your personal training business.

Sharing your knowledge of fitness, being fit yourself, and having a multitude of NCCA certifications are just three of many suggestions to attract new clients to your business.

Building relationships, spreading the word about your business, and portraying a professional attitude at all times will draw clients to you. Consider some of these cost-effective ways to market a personal training business.

Once you can find these new clients, you need a system that can help you maintain this base and manage these individuals effectively and efficiently.

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How Will Expert Endorsements Get Me More Personal Training Clients?

Doctors, med spas, chiropractors, sports equipment stores, and physical therapists are just some of the businesses you need to begin to have relationships within your area.

Don’t go into these establishments look to create a referral system right away.

While this may work, if you don’t know the owner/manager of the business this comes across very “salesy”. Instead, simply introduce yourself via email or phone and set up a meeting with the manager/owner to talk about what you do and learn more about their business as well.

How Will Social Media and a Strong Web Presence Help My Business?

If you don’t know words and acronyms like SEO, PPC advertising, web content, organic marketing, blog, or social media then you need to learn about these options.

In a service business like personal training, having a strong Internet marketing campaign is crucial to growing your professional training brand.

There are many online advertising/marketing agencies that cater to small businesses.

If your pockets are not so deep, then you may want to learn about article writing, blogging, and social media which you can easily learn to do yourself.

But remember to balance your time, because online marketing while important, is not the only thing you need to do to grow your business – and it’s quite easy to get engrossed and lose yourself in blogging, tweeting, and posting on Facebook.

How Do I Get Free Media to Help Grow Your Personal Training Business?

If you can write well, you may be able to get a weekly/monthly column in local publications or newspapers and give helpful advice to the community about ways to become fitter, stronger, and healthier.

By providing a human interest slant for a promotion you may be able to convince the local media to pick up the story and give you some free press or even television exposure.

For example, during Thanksgiving, you may give 1-hour of free personal training to the first 20 people who bring in a bag of groceries, which you will donate to a local food bank.

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Can Giveaways or Vastly Discounted Rates Help Grow My Business?

Absolutely, giveaways or heavily discounted rates can bring in bodies, and once they are in you now have your chance to convert these people into full-paying clients.

So $1 personal training for a week, a $5 ab training workout plan, or $10 killer cardio program will entice people to sign up for these classes; and if you can show them the value you can bring to their training regimen, then you may have a customer for life.

Is It Ok to Ask Customers for Referrals to Grow My Personal Training Business?

Without a doubt, the best type of advertising is by word of mouth. Give incentives to people for referring new clients to you. Don’t be shy to ask for referrals either. If people like what you are doing they will be happy to share their positive experience with friends and family.

Also, if you can take on high profile people and train them for free, this can give you a great boost in your client base.

A local “celebrity” or a successful business owner will have a sphere of influence that may go beyond what you could attract without this individual’s help. Moreover, you could simply coach a select group of everyday people for free with the understanding that they are your walking marketing billboards who promote your business.

Lastly, have open houses, happy hours, or some sort of meet and greets to introduce yourself to potential new clients. This does not need to be a huge investment on your part, but a little free food and drink can definitely fill your openings down the line if done right.

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