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What kind of HGH supplements should I take?

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UPDATED: Jun 30, 2021

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  • HGH supplements are a risky addition to your workout program.
  • You should never take HGH supplements in combination with other performance enhancers or prescription drugs.
  • Always consult a doctor before going on an HGH supplement.
HGH or human growth hormone supplements come in pill, powder, and spray form.

Only HGH supplements that contain safe ingredients that have been approved by the FDA should be consumed.

It is important not to confuse HGH supplements with actual HGH injections.

Although both come with their own unique set of medical risks, HGH supplements are considered to be safer than human growth hormone.

Every HGH supplement manufacturer lists the benefits and side effects that come with continued use.

If you do decide to use an HGH supplement in conjunction with your workout routine, you should be aware of any major changes that you notice in your body.

HGH supplements are known to increase Dopa-L levels, which can make you feel good at first. However, research has shown that heightened Dopa-L levels can cause people to experience dangerous mood swings and change cognitive behaviors.

Instead of opting for HGH supplements, engaging in a regular exercise routine will be better for you in the long run. Check out our PRO plan today for access to workout programs, goal trackers, and more.

Who Should Not Take HGH Supplements?

Anyone taking a prescription medication should not take HGH supplements because of the possibility of experiencing a drug interaction.

Because HGH supplements have been shown to influence brain functions, people on anti-psychotics or anti-depressants are especially at risk of being negatively impacted.

All of the risks associated with HGH supplements are not yet known. If you are taking HGH supplements and anything out of the ordinary occurs, you should stop at once.

There is a chance that HGH supplements side effects may cause permanent changes, so it is helpful to avoid taking them if you have any concerns.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When on HGH Supplements?

HGH supplement users should be very careful the entire time they are on this supplement.

You need to discuss taking this supplement with your doctor. Your doctor can help you avoid developing a dangerous medical condition.

Taking HGH supplements for even a short period of time can cause you to have issues later in life.

Most people take HGH supplements when trying to increase muscle development. Do not combine HGH supplements with other performance enhancers.

If negative side effects are noticed, do not continue to take your HGH supplements. Your condition may or may not be related to HGH supplements, however, this is not something that you want to leave up to chance.

HGH supplements are not regulated by the FDA.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of Taking HGH Supplements?

Although HGH supplements do not cause users to produce increased levels of human growth hormone, they can still cause more of them to be released, and side effects can vary from men to women:

  • In women – Increased HGH levels can lead to the production of more testosterone. More testosterone means lower body fat percentages, decreased fertility, increased body hair, and a plethora of negative side effects that can be irreversible.
  • In men – Increased HGH can lead to irritability, aggression, and negative sexual side effects.
  • In both men and women – Joint damage can occur with increased HGH levels.

By taking no more than the recommended dosage, you can help to avoid damaging your body.

Also, you should avoid taking HGH supplements with other drugs or supplements that cause the body to produce more Dopa-L.

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Which HGH Supplements Should Be Avoided?

Even though most HGH supplements simply cause human growth hormone levels to increase, there are a few brands that list HGH as an active ingredient.

Taking human growth hormone without a prescription is illegal in the United States; therefore, you risk both your health and your freedom if you take them.

HGH supplement brands that make unsubstantiated or outrageous claims, do not list side effects, or suggest that you take HGH supplements in conjunction with another product, should be avoided.

HGH supplements can disrupt the delicate balance between the receptors in your brain and signals that tell the body how to use human growth hormone. Because some athletes want to improve performance at any cost, there are supplement manufacturers looking to cash in.

Many doctors do not recommend HGH supplements at all simply because the potential risks greatly outweigh the benefits. HGH supplements may not be as dangerous as injecting human growth hormone, but they can potentially cause major side effects.

Anyone who decides to take HGH supplements should exercise caution. Even brands of HGH supplements that are thought to be safe can cause users to experience negative side effects.

After researching brands closely, you should select HGH supplements that do not increase Dopa-L levels. Any manufacturer that has been fined or forced to end the production of an HGH supplement should also be avoided.

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