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MuscleTech AlphaTest

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  • Build Muscle
  • Improve Sports

Manufacturer: MuscleTech
Primary Ingredient: Saw Palmetto
Other Ingredients: Astaxanthin, Boron, Boron Citrate, Ginkgo Biloba, Hydrolyzed Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Rhodiola, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide show all
Categories: Astaxanthin, Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola, Saw Palmetto, Natural Testosterone Boosters, Boron, Magnesium show all

MuscleTech AlphaTest is a super-concentrated testosterone booster and performance stimulator designed to turn athletes into muscle-building machines. Using MuscleTech’s powerful Mytosterone formula, AlphaTest optimizes free and total testosterone levels while simultaneously blocking catabolic cortisol.

With MuscleTech AlphaTest, athletes will experience more strength, have more energy and enhance their training capacity. By boosting testosterone levels, AlphaTest also stimulates athletes’ anabolic pathways, facilities recovery, encourages fat loss and helps athletes improve their body composition. Athletes who want to optimize their natural anabolic capabilities can manipulate their hormone levels using powerful AlphaTest.

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MuscleTech AlphaTest Review

Testosterone plays a significant role in both male and female athletes. This potent hormone regulates muscle protein synthesis, influences metabolic function, provides energy, supports immune function and supports sexual health.

When testosterone levels wane, both your performance and physique will suffer. Instead of building muscle, low testosterone can increase body fat and make it difficult to complete your workouts with the same vigor and intensity.

To maximize free and total testosterone production, MuscleTech AlphaTest supplies three different formulas: revolutionary Mytosterone, the Free Testosterone Stimulant Complex and the Testosterone To Cortisol Ratio & Performance Matrix.

Proven Results

These complexes do not just elevate free testosterone levels, but they down-regulate catabolic cortisol in order to inhibit fat storage and prevent muscle degradation.

During the development of AlphaTest, the formula’s top ingredients were evaluated in four clinical studies. Unlike many other testosterone stimulators who base their formulas around animal studies, AlphaTest has been tested and proven on human subjects.

AlphaTest takes all of the guesswork out of testosterone optimization and provides athletes with a reliable product that will maximize their natural anabolic hormone levels.

Mytosterone: Ultimate Testosterone Optimization

Mytosterone is a patented complex that contains two concentrated compounds: Saw palmetto and astaxanthin. These compounds are multidimensional testosterone stimulators that naturally boost testosterone production while inhibiting the conversion of free testosterone, specifically into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

Inhibiting DHT production preserves valuable free testosterone. This is the type of testosterone that is unattached and capable of causing anabolic chemical reactions. Boosting free testosterone levels will:

  • Increase protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy
  • Boost muscular strength and endurance
  • Optimize total physical performance
  • Accelerate metabolic rate and stimulate fat loss
  • Increase energy, stamina and vitality
  • Support optimal sexual health

Intense Cortisol Protection

Cortisol is a strong hormone released during times of stress. During intense physical activity, cortisol is often released to help the body cope with the stress of the activity. While low cortisol levels can be beneficial, high cortisol production will cause:

  • Sharp increases in blood sugar
  • Abdominal and whole-body fat storage
  • Slow or halted digestion
  • Reduced metabolic production
  • Muscle protein catabolism

To counteract cortisol, AlphaTest delivers the Testosterone To Cortisol Ratio & Performance Matrix. This matrix consists of pure Rhodiola and ginkgo extracts, which have been found to maintain testosterone levels by decreasing the production and function of cortisol.

This prevents muscle atrophy and keeps athletes from storing unwanted body fat.

Clinically-Proven Ingredients for Reliable Results

What sets MuscleTech AlphaTest apart from other testosterone stimulators is the research behind the formula. AlphaTest contains clinically-proven zinc gluconate, boron citrate, ginkgo biloba, Rhodiola and other active compounds.

While many supplement manufacturers cite animal studies while proving their product’s effectiveness, MuscleTech has reliable human studies to back up their claims. MuscleTech AlphaTest was carefully designed using pure compounds that will work in the human body.

Additionally, while AlphaTest will maximize free and total testosterone, it will not elevate production to abnormal or unsafe levels. This means that AlphaTest is safe to use. It also means that the formula can even be used by female athletes who want to enhance their performance without becoming overly masculine.

Optimize Your Internal Anabolic Environment with AlphaTest

MuscleTech AlphaTest is an advanced testosterone stimulator that bases their formula around six hyper-concentrated ingredients. AlphaTest does not take any chances when it comes to hormone optimization. Only clinically-tested and proven ingredients were deemed worthy of being included in the AlphaTest formula.

Athletes who want solid anabolic and performance support can use MuscleTech AlphaTest to amplify their free testosterone levels while decreasing cortisol and preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This protects athletes against unwanted muscle degradation and promotes huge strength and muscular gains.

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