Kisi Group ID

The – Kisi integration provides gym owners with a 24/7 gym access system.

Kisi allows you to set up locks on your doors that clients will be able to unlock using the Kisi app and/or access card giving them authenticated entry into your facility.

You can choose which packages and locations you want to enable Kisi for. Only clients with active Kisi-enabled packages / locations will be added to your Kisi account.

To learn more about how to enable Kisi access on your packages / locations, click here to read our instructional guide.

When you’re setting up your Kisi connection, you’ll need to find your Kisi Group ID.

Here’s how to access your group or create a group in Kisi and find the Group ID, starting from the Dashboard of your Kisi Account. Step-by-step instructions are below:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Sign in to Kisi and click into My Places.


Step 2: Select “Groups” from the side bar menu.


Step 3: Select a group or create a new group.

select group

Step 4: Click on Copy ID.

copy ID

Step 5: From the “Account” tab of your Gym Management Software, click on “Connected Apps” from the left side bar.


Step 6: On the Kisi section, enter your group ID and save.

group ID


Now we can add clients to your Kisi group automatically!

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