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Sulbutiamine is a compound that is created by vitamin B1. Some scientists say that sulbutiamine is more like a relative of vitamin B1 rather than a derivative of vitamin B1. Without further study there isn’t likely to be a consensus anytime soon.

Sulbutiamine is one of those products that have shown certain benefits in one area that has caused supplement companies to make assumptions about using the product in the bodybuilding arena. What’s more, what sulbutiamine supplements have been used for in the past isn’t what they are used for today because more efficacious medications were found.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take challenges and training advice at their own personal risk.


Sulbutiamine Benefits Sulbutiamine’s only substantiated use is to treat asthenia. Asthenia, in simple terms, is a general weakness of the body and muscles. Asthenia is caused by diseases that destroy the body, such as cancer, scleroderma, anemia and more. What’s interesting... more

Sulbutiamine Benefits

Sulbutiamine’s only substantiated use is to treat asthenia. Asthenia, in simple terms, is a general weakness of the body and muscles. Asthenia is caused by diseases that destroy the body, such as cancer, scleroderma, anemia and more.

What’s interesting is that most doctors don’t prescribe sulbutiamine for their patients when they do have asthenia. That is because there are medications that have proved to be far more effective and efficient in studies than asthenia. It is only when patients have a reaction to other treatments that doctors will prescribe sulbutiamine.

While studies have shown that sulbutiamine is useful to some degree for treating asthenia, only half of the patients who took it saw a benefit. The good news is that patients who did use sulbutiamine found that their weakness completely disappeared.

Sulbutiamine and Energy

Sulbutiamine is commonly used in the athletic community as a way to boost energy. While there are no studies to back up the use of sulbutiamine for this reason, the mechanism of action for sulbutiamine does suggest it would be beneficial for this reason.

That is because sulbutiamine aids in digestion, which means that you can digest your foods faster and what you eat can be converted to energy at a greater rate. Some supplement companies go so far as to call sulbutiamine a stimulant.

Another unproven use of sulbutiamine is to reduce muscle fatigue. This is one of those situations where supplement companies have made a leap about a product based on its other uses. Because it is good for asthenia, the assumption is that it will work for muscle fatigue from workouts as well.

Right now, there are no studies to bear out this claim. What’s more, science suggests that sulbutiamine targets asthenia specifically, which is caused by specific conditions, not general muscle fatigue.

Sulbutiamine and Erectile Dysfunction

Sulbutiamine is also sold as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is based on a single study that 20 men participated in for 30 days. This kind of study is not scientific and it is not conclusive enough for this type of use. Although you are more than welcome to try for yourself, start with a small bottle and save some money before buying large amounts of a sulbutiamine supplement for erectile dysfunction.

Sulbutiamine and Memory

Lastly, sulbutiamine has shown to have some positive effect on the memory with patients with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to note that sulbutiamine was not tested alone; it was combined with an acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor.

However, companies are selling sulbutiamine as a memory enhancer based on this study. Some people who take sulbutiamine do claim that it has helped with their memory as well as provided them with an improvement in their mood.

Sulbutiamine Side Effects

The good news is that sulbutiamine has very few side effects, which is why it is growing in popularity. The only side effects associated with sulbutiamine were:

  • Agitation
  • Skin rash

There also appears to be no interaction between sulbutiamine and other medications. Regardless, you should always talk to your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications to ensure the safety of sulbutiamine for your condition.

If you do experience any of the side effects, you should discontinue use of sulbutiamine as they don’t go away. In fact, a skin rash suggests an allergy to the product.

Sulbutiamine Dosage

The most common available caplet or tablet is 200 mg. How much sulbutiamine you use will depend on why you have purchased the product.

For example, if you are taking it for asthenia, then you can take 400 to 800 mg a day in a capsule form. If you are taking it for memory, then you should take 200 mg a day. In powder form you should take one scoop one to two times a day.

If your doctor recommends sulbutiamine, then you should take the dosage that he or she prescribes in order to get the most benefit. If you experience any side effects let your doctor know immediately. To locate and compare sulbutiamine sources and other nutrition options, go to the free supplement finder now!


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