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Gym Check-In Software

Streamline your check-in process with Gym Check-In Software from using a number of flexible solutions built with ease-of-use in mind.

Easy-To-Use Check-In Software for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

Our check-in software offers an array of features and can be used as a fitness studio scheduling software and/or as an online or in-person check-in and booking system for gyms and personal trainers.

What Sets Gym Check-In Software Apart?


Attendance Tracking

Track and monitor member attendance and pair this data with our detailed member reports to address any inconsistencies over time – or to reward loyal members for their impressive attendance records.

Automated Gym Booking Software

An automated gym booking system can save you, and your clients, time by automating weekly class reservations and recurrent training sessions. You can also automate appointment reminders so no training session is missed due to an administrative error.

Time Management

Streamline the check-in process and free up your front desk staff’s time so they can focus less on administrative tasks and more on directing their attention to building relationships with club members.

Gym Check-In Kiosk

Set up a tablet for easy gym check-ins. Members can check-in with their email or with their first and last names. After checking in, your clients can see if there are any available training sessions or classes that day that they can sign up for as well.

Online Booking System for Gyms

Using our online booking system, gyms and personal trainers can offer their members a convenient and use-friendly interface to schedule appointments and training sessions and to reserve spots in group classes.

Scheduling Software for Personal Trainers

Our check-in software isn’t just built for gyms and fitness clubs. Personal trainers need to track attendance, too. With Gym Check-In Software, your training clients can check-in to your sessions through your custom-branded app (also included in your software).

The features above are only a small sampling of the features Gym Check-In Software provides. Because our software is fully customizable, you’re able to customize your check-in protocols as you deem fit. Testimonials

Fantastic software and service. We’ve tried almost all alternatives in this space and none have come close to offering all that do in terms of business management tools, training plan software, assessment and scheduling functionality. Their customer success team is also exceptional. Would highly recommend!
Connor F

G2 Review

We went live with our Fitness Business Management Software at four locations. Everything is working great. The import and export are easy and the guys are really liking the look and convenience of the platform. From both my side and the user side, the platform has exceeded our expectations.

Developing an easy intake system with my apps and ways to scale the delivery of workouts has been huge.
Dean Somerset

The team is amazing, and their all-in-one software is more than we ever expected! All of this is made possible by a high-quality team.
Mike Boyle

Founder, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

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