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Advertiser Disclosure is a fitness business software whose website is visited by many fitness businesses and professionals monthly. Most of our visitors are looking for information related to comparing fitness business software and personal training certifications. Committed to Transparency

You might be wondering: How does make money?
We turn a profit from selling our software to gyms, fitness studios, and fitness professionals. We will never take payment in exchange for a guarantee of a favorable software comparison or personal training certification review.
We believe everyone should be able to make decisions related to their fitness business software with confidence. We are proud that the information we provide is objective, balanced, and free. We strive to provide a comprehensive list of certification and fitness business software company reviews, regardless of compensation.

Our Partners

We partner with software that can be easily integrated into the software, like Mailchimp and Zapier. We may receive a small affiliate fee, however, the bulk of our revenue stems from software sales.


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