The 9 Freakiest Celebrity Body Transformations

Celebrities do terrible things to their bodies: they weight train relentlessly, they eat absurd celebrity diets, they follow any fad, no matter how stupid (remember when it was the big thing to get a "cleanse"?)  But some results are ... more drastic than others.

Take a look at our workout plans and find the perfect workout for your fitness goals. You could even try out one of our celebrity workouts! Until you find that perfect workout, here are the nine strangest celebrity body transformations we could find.

#9) Urkel Bulks Up

Jaleel White is the acting equivalent of a one-hit wonder: you know him from one role:


Yep, the nerd with the annoying laugh on Family Matters.  True story: Urkel was intended to be a one-off character, but White nailed it so well he became the lead of the show in less than a year ... and pretty much ruined his career afterwards.  So, needless to say, he wanted to step far, far away from that.

And that landed him here:

Steve Urkel Jacked

As you might have guessed, the nerd became the jock in a bid to reverse his career decline.  He's the least freaky on this list, but the next time you mock Family Matters, just remember that the star could probably end you in the ring.

#8) The Green Ranger Gets In the Octagon

Kids the world over remember Jason Frank as the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  But, despite their ongoing popularity, you can't spend your entire career fighting guys in rubber monster suits, especially when most of the fighting is being done by Japanese doubles in footage shot five years ago.  Still, Frank was a major heartthrob among the preteen set in the '90s.

Jason Frank

Then he decided to change careers, to MMA fighting.  But of course he kept his early '90s, earth-dude, surfer look, right?

Jason Frank MMA

Not so much.  And yes, all of those tattoos are 100% real.  To be fair, MMA is not a sport you join to keep your lithe, girlish looks.  Still, we guess this kind of precludes any sort of reunion special, huh? If you are looking to becoming the next MMA Fighter (or Power Ranger), take a look at our MMA Workout!

#7) Ozzy Guitarist Goes From Fresh-Faced To ...Well ...What You'd Expect

Zakk Wylde, or “Ozzy's guitarist” is a huge name among metalheads … which is a bit bizarre when you look at him early in his career and realize he looks like Peter Frampton:


Healthy guy, but not exactly jacked.  Fast forward about ten years, lots of gym visits and even more visits to the bar (Wylde, like many musicians, has struggled with alcohol abuse):


You know what, Zakk?  Lose the beard, and honestly the damage isn't that bad.

#6) Sylvester Stallone's Veins Want to Leave

Stallone needs no introduction.  True, he's made a series of bad decisions throughout his career -- whether it's doing a country music movie with Dolly Parton for no explicable reason, or deciding what his career really needed was a buddy comedy movie with one of the Golden Girls -- but he's also played two iconic characters: Rambo and, of course, Rocky Balboa:


He looks good, right?  Fit, healthy...and he hasn't lost any muscle mass in the years since.  Unfortunately, that has not worked out for him:

Sylvester Stallone Jacked

Stallone has been busted with human growth hormone and other enhancement drugs before, so it's no surprise he's maintained his muscle mass while, apparently, making his entire circulatory system want to leave his body very badly.  Yikes.  Even Ivan Drago would be terrified of him now. Watch out Ivan! He might just make a comeback and use our Boxing Workout Plan!

#5) Drew Carey Becomes Thin and Wholesome

We would never tell an overweight celebrity not to slim down.  Being overweight can lead to problems ranging from heart disease to diabetes.  So, far be it from us to fault Drew Carey and his loss of 70 pounds, due to diabetes problems.  On the other hand, he went from this:

Drew Carey

To becoming, apparently, the love child of Christopher Lloyd and Mr. Rogers:

Drew Carey Fit

Seriously, he's unrecognizable.  Of course, when he was in the Marines, he looked like this:

Drew Carey Marines

So Drew's pretty used to drastic changes. Take a look at the Biggest Loser's Biggest Winners and see people who accomplished drastic weight loss changes!

#4) Doctor Dre Becomes Much Scarier

Dre is one of the most respected musicians and producers currently working in the music industry.  Apparently, his career has, over time, required him to be able to lift and throw a small car.  How else to explain a man going from his Theo Huxstable roots: 

Young Dr. Dre

To rap's version of Chunk from The Goonies:

Dr. Dre

To essentially, the Incredible Hulk:

Dr. Dre Jacked

Yes, that is Doctor Dre.  How did he become essentially a linebacker?  By getting into the gym for two hours a day, every day, since about 2006.  Either that or he just wanted to throw Eminem very, very hard and very, very far.

#3) Madonna Goes From Material Girl To Protein Poster Child

Do we really need to introduce you to Madonna?  OK, fine, here she is.


To be fair to Madonna, this is a woman who has constantly reinvented herself.  She had a different look every year of her career, something that continues to this day. She needs to be able to dance, keep up her stamina … oh yes, and bend steel:


Believe us, there are other, far less flattering pictures on the Internet, but this best demonstrates that the Material Girl has become a bodybuilder.  How much protein is she putting away?  She could probably take out half this list in a fair fight! Just think what would happen if she did our Bodybuildling Workout Plan

#2) Christian Bale.  Just...Christian Bale

We could go into how some actors are deeply committed to their art.  And they are.  But pictures speak louder than words.

Bale in 2002:

Christian Bale

Bale in 2003, after losing weight to star in The Machinist:

Christian Bale The Machinist

And Bale six months after wrapping "The Machinist" and getting on the set of "Batman Begins":

Christian Bale Batman

Bale's dramatic weight loss (where he stated he lost the weight by literally not eating) and then rapid gain (during which he became more musclebound than ever) naturally led to accusations of steroid use.  Bale, for his part, says he essentially ate nothing but thousands of calories of protein and worked out for six months to his Christian Bale Workout. Either way: wow.

But he's got nothing on our number one.

#1) Carrot Top Goes From Annoying To Utterly Frightening

Carrot Top

For a while, Carrot Top was, inexplicably, inescapable.  How the fire-haired annoyance became America's favorite prop comic is something we assume involved selling his soul to Satan.  Then Carrot Top disappeared, and Satan obviously came to collect:

Carrot Top Jacked

No, thanks, Carrot Top.  We...think we get the jokes already.  We'll just show ourselves out.

Of course, you don't need a celebrity trainer to see results on your own body -- you can get great results with our home workout plan. We guarantee that your body transformation will be much more eye-catching!


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