We make fitness businesses happy and successful.


We are a next-generation software platform dedicated to making it easy for fitness professionals to manage their entire fitness business in one place.

From booking and scheduling appointments, to creating and logging workouts, sending fitness assessments and capturing leads, and delivering fitness in-person and online, our goal is to make YOUR fitness brand a success.

We offer fully custom-branded fitness apps on the web, iOS, and Android so that your business can grow and develop deep client relationships, in-person and online, without diluting your brand by sending your clients to download other company’s apps in the App Store or forcing them to create multiple accounts on various 3rd-party fitness products (that you have to administer on the back end with a tangled web of Zapier integrations, legacy spreadsheets, and no small amount of staff and client confusion).

Simpler is better.

We offer ONE software platform to manage your entire fitness business.

On YOUR brand.


We make fitness businesses happy and successful.

That’s it.

Our focus is on YOU.

We love fitness businesses, and they love us.

(But don’t take our word for it. Read our reviews here!)

We solve problems and provide outcomes; we don’t just ship new products.

We are a high-growth B2B SaaS fintech company but we don’t ever forget that our #1 goal is to make fitness professionals happy and successful. We view our next generation payments platform as integral to our success and our customer’s success. When our customers generate more revenue, we all win.

We are only happy and successful if our customers are happy and successful.

Ready to join us?


A company is only as good as its people. We put people first. When we treat each other well, and go out of our way to make our team members successful, then it makes it that much easier to be focused on making our fitness business customers happy and successful too.


Joel Ohman
Joel Ohman, CEO & Co-Founder
Former college basketball player. Black belt in Krav Maga and making chocolate chip cookies.

John Gadbois
John Gadbois, CTO & Co-Founder
Hiked the New England 48 4,000 footers and has performed professional grade piano concerts. Not at the same time.

Alicia Howson

Alicia Howson, COO
World-class operator and integrator. Payments expert. Love language: Reese’s peanut butter cups (yes, of course the Easter eggs and Christmas trees just taste better).

Jeff Crews
Jeff Crews, Chief Strategy Officer
Former college soccer player; current professional dad.

Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips, Chief Marketing Officer
Ultra-experienced B2B SaaS CMO; home improvement reality TV star in a past life. Greatest fear: foam.

Joel Vanderpol
Joel VanderPol, VP of Sales
Former college basketball player. Married to revenue. (Also, family man). If you’re 6-feet tall, he’s a foot taller than you. Yes, he can dunk.

Tyler Spraul
Tyler Spraul, VP of Support & Testing
Former college soccer player. Software QA by day; specialty pizza QA by night.

Customer Success

Jackie Simpson, Senior CSM

Sara Teta

Sara Teta, CSM – Team Lead

Sage Passarelli

Sage Passarelli, CSM

Abbie Sexton

Abbie Sexton, CSM

Layne Yancey, CSM

Sales & Marketing

Luke Rudberg

Luke Rudberg, Account Executive

Joshua Moore

Joshua Moore, Account Executive

Stephanie Beagle

Stephanie Beagle, Sales Development Representative

Engineering & Product

Ben Clum

Ben Clum, Lead Web Developer

Blago Dachev

Blago Dachev, Lead App Developer

Noah Mansfield

Noah Mansfield, Web Developer

Shonan Hendre

Shonan Hendre, Web Developer

Support & QA

Elsy Gil

Elsy Gil, Support

Alicia Headrick

Alicia Headrick, QA


Alisa Martin

Alisa Martin, Writer

Lindy Mills

Lindy Mills, Writer

Schimri Yoyo

Schimri Yoyo, Writer

Melissa Morris

Melissa Morris, Writer

Stephen Ugochukwu

Stephen Ugochukwu, Writer

Advisory Board

We’ve sought out the best of the best from a variety of fields to make sure we’re taking a well-rounded approach in creating a platform that is both user-friendly and extremely powerful. The software platform would not be where it is today without the countless hours of feedback and expertise from the wonderful experts listed below, and many others.

Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore

Tony is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, the co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, as well as a recognized fitness authority regularly featured in reputable publications like T-Nation.com, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Stack Magazine, and Bodybuilding.com. He also loves cheese. And his cat.

Dean Somerset

Dean Somerset

Dean is a kinesiologist and exercise physiologist who works primarily with people with some medical or injury limitation. Dean has been featured in Men’s Health, T-Nation, and Bodybuilding.com and has given seminars around the world on injury management, sport performance, movement correction, and advanced conditioning principles.

Paul Fabritz

Paul Fabritz

Paul is the founder of PJF Performance LLC and a top performance enhancement coach. He is certified through the NSCA (CSCS & CPT), the American Council on Exercise, and Functional Movement Screen. His combination of scientific research and real-world experience has made him a vertical jump and explosiveness expert.

Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin

John is a doctor of physical therapy and a strength and conditioning coach who specializes in sports performance, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. John’s single-minded goal is to bridge the ever-growing divide between high-performance strength and conditioning and cutting-edge rehabilitation programming for the elite strength athlete.

Bill Day

Bill Day

Bill’s work has brought tens of millions of potential new customers for Magellan Echo Series products. He previously served as Platform Product Manager and Evangelist for RunKeeper, where he ran the Agile Platform team scaling APIs which powered RunKeeper beyond 25 million registered users.

Kate Horney

Kate Horney

Kate Horney holds Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science and is a Personal Trainer and Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Coach specializing in female and postpartum fat loss. She has worked with thousands of women worldwide and created BeyondFit Physiques to promote fun, sustainable fat loss to women everywhere.

Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman

Jonathan Goodman loves exercise, hates bad socks, and considers himself a key lime pie connoisseur. He is the creator of the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC) and Viralnomics, sold tens of thousands of copies of his books, training programs, and courses, and has been featured in many top publications.

Dr. Michael Roussell

Dr. Michael Roussell

Dr. Mike is known for transforming complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long lasting health. Dr. Mike holds a degree in biochemistry from Hobart College and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University.

Eric Gahan

Eric Gahan

Eric is an accomplished movement-based athletic trainer who believes in the importance of finding symmetry in the body and developing strength in that right and left side movement symmetry. He is the only certified athletic trainer (ATC/L) in the New England area and state of Massachusetts to hold the SFG and Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) certification.

Artemis Scantalides

Artemis Scantalides

Artemis is a former Ballet Dancer turned Kung Fu Black Belt and most recently the 9th woman in the world and the lightest woman to date to pass the Iron Maiden Challenge. As Co-Owner and CEO of Iron Body Studios, Author of the Blog Iron Body By Artemis, Creator of the I Am Not Afraid To Lift workshop series, and ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador, Artemis seeks to empower women through strength.

Joy Diggs

Joy Diggs

Joy is a Registered Dietitian, certified personal trainer, and NASM-certified weight loss specialist with a passionate interest in health and the human body. Joy’s personal belief is that health is a lifestyle that begins every morning when you wake up. She emphasizes that the choices you make throughout the day – what you eat and what you do to stay active – determine the quality of life that you will lead.

Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr

Kevin is co-owner of Movement as Medicine, a licensed massage therapist, certified functional strength coach, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and a License in Massage Therapy from Cortiva Institute-Watertown. Movement as Medicine is the official massage therapists of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning.

Damon Goddard

Damon Goddard

Damon is the co-founder and Director of Performance at AMPD Golf Performance. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM) and a Level-3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute. He was named a Top 50 Golf Fitness Specialist by Golf Digest. He has also gained notoriety through speaking at seminars and his writings for sports publications.

Matt Kite

Matt Kite

Coach Matt received his degree in Exercise Science and is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through USAW-L1SP. Matt’s love for sports comes from competing through high school in almost every team sport. He lives in Dallas Texas with his wife Cassie and their two dogs, Pepper & Tex. During free time, they like to get outdoors and hike, wakeboard, and spend time with family while cooking at home.

Jeff Halevy

Jeff Halevy

Jeff Halevy is a fifteen-year veteran of the medical, health and fitness industries. His career has spanned club ownership and development; health, medical, and fitness industry consulting; public health advocacy, most notably as Michelle Obama’s hand-picked “Let’s Move!” partner; and media with internationally syndicated TV show “Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy,” currently airing in over 30 countries, and as a correspondent on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Mike Reinold

Mike Reinold

Michael M. Reinold, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS is considered a world-renowned leader in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, fitness, and sports performance. He has worked extensively with a variety of professional athletes and teams. Mike is currently the co-founder and president of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance where he helps people feel better, move better, and perform better.

Don Saladino

Don Saladino

Don Saladino, performance expert and owner of Drive495, is among the nation’s most sought-after exercise authorities. Saladino is in high demand as a personal trainer for professional athletes, golfers, and celebrities. Don recently relaunched his personal site donsaladino.com, a resource for fitness novices and enthusiasts and is currently certified as TPI-3, SFG II, SFB, RKC, FRC, NASM and FMS.

Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis

Kellie Davis is the founder of FitThrive.com. As a fitness and nutrition coach, she’s been teaching busy women since 2012 how to step into their best body by getting strong inside and out. She’s been featured on sites like BodyBuilder.com. She has a BA from Florida Gulf Coast University and an MPS From George Washington University. She also sees clients on an individual basis in her small private gym.

Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli

Carl Paoli, former Spanish National gymnasts, is the Founder of Freestyle Connection, a company dedicated to informing, connecting, encouraging, and supporting a group of thinkers and doers through movement and lifestyle design. Author of the New York Times Best Selling book, Freestyle, Carl shares his movement and lifestyle theories and framework around the world giving courses on his material. Carl lives in San Francisco with his wife and their beautiful daughter.


What about you? If you are motivated every day to help fitness business owners succeed with software, we would love to talk to you.

We make fitness businesses happy and successful. We are a next-generation software platform dedicated to making it easy for fitness professionals to manage their entire fitness business in one place.
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