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4 Sport Life Company Beginnings

The 4 Sport Life Company started designing shakers based on a need for quality and nutrition. Most nutrition drinks require the mixing of powder and liquid, and once the two are mixed it should be consumed promptly.

This means that you cannot take your shake to the gym pre mixed for your post workout meal. You are limited by when you can drink your meal replacement shake, your weight loss shake, or your energy drink.

While it is possible to carry all of the ingredients separately, it is not very convenient. You need one container for your powder, one container for your liquid of choice, and then possibly another container to mix it together.

4 Sport Life saw the need for a shaker that would allow you to carry all of your necessities in one self contained bottle that would double as a shaker and cup. Hence, the invention of the Shaker Pro was designed and manufactured.

4 Sport Life Shaker Pro

There are five components that make up the Shaker Pro. Even though there are three different versions of the Shaker Pro, the only difference is the size.

The Shaker Pro that is made by 4 Sport Life consists of the cap, the mouthpiece, the central adapter ring, the reservoir, and the shaker cup.  The closed reservoir holds your desired powder and the shaker cup holds your desired liquid, keeping the two separate.

While 4 Sport Life does not profess the Shaker to help retain ingredient freshness, the fact that the powder does not mix with the liquid until you are ready to consume it does suggest you’re your drink tastes better and is healthier since it does not have time to lose nutritional value.

When you are ready for your drink, open the reservoir chamber and shake as needed. Use the attached mouthpiece to enjoy your freshly mixed drink.

4 Sport Life Shaker Pro Types of Drinks

You can make any drink you want in the 4 Sport Life Shaker Pro. The idea of the Shaker is mainly to allow you to keep your powder and your liquid separate until you are ready to drink it. You can do this with anything from powdered lemonade and powdered ice tea to protein powder.

The most common protein shake is made with whey protein because it is the most easily digested kind of protein and is very high in amino acids. Although you can mix whey protein with either milk or water, if you are taking your Shaker Pro on the go you may want to consider using water so that the milk does not risk spoiling.

Since whey protein is available in different flavors, including chocolate, you can mix it with water and still have a good tasting sport drink. Vanilla whey powder is also an option.

Although fiber supplements are not recommended before working out, you may need to take your fiber drink on the road with you. In that case, you can use the Shaker Pro from 4 Sport Life to keep your fiber powder separate from your water until you are ready to mix it and drink it.

Currently 4 Sport Life does not offer any other products except the three different sizes of the Shaker Pro. They are continuously open to suggestions on how to make their product even better. You can also enter a color scheme contest if you want to design your own Shaker Pro.

While the Shaker Pro is intended to keep your powder and liquid separate and spill proof, it is suggested that you check the seals every time to assure that everything is in correct working order. 4 Sport Life does not accept responsibility for any flaws that occur due to owner negligence or improper handling and usage. Additionally, 4 Sport Life takes no responsibility for the contents you choose to place in your Shaker Pro.

If you mix your own sport drinks, energy drinks, protein drinks, fiber drinks, weight loss drinks, or other nutritional drinks, then the Shaker Pro by 4 Sport Life has an all in one solution for your transportation and consumption needs. Check out the supplement finder for the sports drink mixes you need, now!

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