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6 Pack Fitness – What It Is

6 Pack Fitness is a system that allows you to organize your eating so that it is optimal for the kind of body that you want to create.

The creator of the 6 Pack Fitness system, which is called 6 Pack Bags, had a real problem with the way that he ate. This very fit man looked ideal to most people, but he couldn’t achieve the 6-pack abs that he always wanted.

After spending time with a friend who owned a gym and consequently also had the 6 pack-abs he wanted so badly, he saw what the real difference was between him and his friend. His friend ate the way that he was supposed to, when he was supposed to.

The problem was for him the same problem that many people face today. He lacked the organizational skills and the will power to eat the way he was supposed to. That is why he developed the 6 Pack Bags.

6 Pack Bags offers multiple compartments within a cooling system to hold all of the foods that you need to eat on a daily bases. This product is designed to hold:

  • Meals
  • Supplements and vitamins
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Nuts, trail mix and dry fruit
  • Meal replacement bars
  • Protein shaker bottle
  • Protein storage container
  • Water bottle
  • Ice packs
  • Utensils
  • Meal journal
  • Phone, keys and wallet (3 accessory pockets)

Included with the system are:

  • Large 6 Pack Bag: (5) Food Containers and 2 ice packs
  • Small 6 Pack Bag: (3) Food Containers and 2 ice packs

6 Pack Fitness Bag Flaws

One of the biggest downsides to this system is that, although it is a soft ice chest, it cannot hold ice, you must use ice packs to keep your things cool. The reason for this is that the zippers on the containers aren’t waterproof, although the company is promising a waterproof option soon.

Another problem is that the bags are often out of stock. They have a variety of colors to choose from in the two sizes; however, they are frequently out of every color except for the black on black.

6 Pack Fitness Approach to Eating

When it relates to getting well-defined abs, one of the most important aspects of any program aimed at getting you those washboard abs has a lot to do with your diet. However, a good six pack abs program will actually do more for you than just getting better abs; it will benefit your entire fitness makeup.

The diet of any abs workout will actually be multi-functional. Not only will it help to keep your nutritional intake where it needs to be to support your workouts, but also for those of you who need to lose weight, the diet end of a good fitness plan will assist you in losing belly fat and help you keep it off.

The question many people ask is how diet actually helps. There are actually two fronts when it comes to diet: how you eat and how much you end up eating. The best thing to do, especially if you need to lose belly fat before you can really start to target your abs is to lower your fat intake, increase your protein and in many cases, eat less.

For the most benefit, you should try spreading your meals out from 3 meals a day to 5 to 6 meals per day. While your meals will be smaller, your body may be tricked into thinking that you are actually eating more. This is where the 6 pack bag may benefit you, especially if you find it difficult to eat what you’re supposed to when you are supposed to.

When you are trying to lose belly fat, your fitness will require you to eat a lot less than what you are accustomed to eating. However, with as intense as some workout programs can be and the level of exercise you will need perform, you will need to make sure you eat enough. Tough workouts will require adequate nutrition and without it, your workout efforts might end up becoming counterproductive to having great abs.

Another thing you need to do is to stick with the program. This can be difficult on two very specific fronts. The first problem that can arise is sticking with the workouts. This is especially true if exercising is new to you. Exercising can be painful, time consuming and intense, but the benefits are far greater than having to endure a little temporary discomfort.

As you progress in your fitness plan you might have to end up eating more once the belly fat is gone. While most people wouldn’t consider this a problem, eating more after learning to eat less can be quite challenging.

The premise of the 6 Pack Bag is that you will take the guesswork out of your eating plan. While you are tying to lose fat, you will have different types of food in your pack than you will when you lose the weight you want and you are trying to maintain or even gain muscle mass.

6 Pack Fitness  and Getting the Most out of Your Workouts

People trying to get those washboard abs will often go to great lengths to get them, and sometimes, a normal and levelheaded person will suspend common sense in order to get a great set of six pack abs. However, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to a proper fitness plan.

Firstly, you need to understand that any plan or person that tells you that you need to work your abs out each and every day is flat out wrong. While this may sound counterintuitive, the rest you give to a muscle group you have just worked out is just as important as working out itself.

When you workout a muscle group, you create small tears in the muscle. These tears are actually important to the muscle getting bigger and stronger; however, they need time to heal. If they don’t heal they won’t grow back bigger and stronger and you could also risk injury. Therefore, working your abs no more than two days a week in addition to your regular workout to allow for proper muscle healing.

The next thing you might wonder about is all the abdominal exercise equipment you have seen for sale. Does it work, is it worth the money and should you buy it? The problem is that there is no definite answer. You will have to do some research to find out what works and what doesn’t.

If you are looking for those picture perfect abs some of the best exercises are some of the most time honored exercises as well. The standard stomach crunch, the side crunch and the V crunches are pretty common ways for targeting the abdominals. In addition, lying leg lifts, cat stretches and standing side bends are excellent ways of targeting your abs without the need for any additional exercise equipment.

Lastly, eating correctly while you are working on your abs or on your entire body is essential for your success. Is the 6 Pack Bag the answer? We don’t know, that’s for you to decide; but whatever you do, commit to something and see it through, you will be glad you did! Use the workout plan finder and the supplement finder to start you on your way, now!



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