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ABB Company History

When you are looking to improve your workouts, safely keep your energy up during and after a workout, or you want to recover faster from an intense workout, ABB is one of those companies that people have looked to over the years to provide them with the products to achieve these goals.

Fitness is hard to acquire and for some it is just as difficult to maintain. ABB supplements may have what you need to help you maintain your fitness levels as well as keeping you healthy as well.

With over 26 years in the performance beverage industry, ABB is considered one of the world’s leaders in powerful, effective safe and innovative supplement beverages. ABB also has a major focus on creating products that taste good, something that many other supplement and nutrition companies lack. The performance drinks are their focuses, and other products are add-ons.

At ABB, they only choose venders who provide quality raw products and only those venders that can provide a Certificate of Analysis or COA. This ensures that when you buy an ABB product, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product or recalls on the product because of tainted goods.

ABB and Weight Trainers

Whether you are a serious weight trainer looking to get your body ripped or you are your average weight lifter looking to get in shape, improve his or her figure and get some strength, ABB offers many different products for you. With beverage supplements aimed at boosting your energy to improve recovery times, ABB claims to have it all and a bit more!

  • Fuel: For added fuel after a workout, you can try the Pure Pro liquid. This drink contains 35 grams of protein and ABB claims it is perfect for helping your body get what it needs to fuel your muscles post workout. Pure Pro also comes in powder form and it also comes in a 50 gram liquid drink as well.
  • Carbs and protein: For a shot of carbs and protein you can try the ABB Steel Bar. This protein/carb bar may be ideal for after a workout, as a mini meal or just a great alternative to hitting the vending machine at work.
  • Recovery: Maxx Recovery may speed up recovery in between workouts. With its amino acids and simple as well as complex carbohydrates, you may indeed experience enhanced recovery times. This could allow you to get bigger, stronger faster without risking injuries.

ABB and Cardiovascular Workouts

Perhaps the most popular drink ABB has to offer is the Diet Turbo Tea. Basically, it tastes like tea, but it is a whole lot more than tea. With caffeine, ginseng, and electrolytes just to name a few, this is an energy drink appropriate for the cardio maniac or the person hitting that fatigue wall at work. With zero carbs, zero calories and no sugars, it is a dieter's delight.

If you need a bit more in the energy department to get you through those difficult cardio workouts then you should consider Speed Stack. This energy drink is offers the kick in the pants you’ll need before your next race or competition.

Another thing that ABB offers is flavored water. So often a person doing a cardio workout will neglect proper hydration because they cannot stand the taste or lack thereof of water. That is why ABB offers Aqua force. This lightly flavored water will give all the hydration you’ll need with a pleasing taste as well.

Lastly there is fast acting Carbo Force. This is a liquid that gives your body a shot of carbs that you will need before your next run, race or competition. Because it comes in liquid form, the carbs will quickly be introduced into your system and are fuel ready to be burned during your workout or event.

ABB Conclusion

One of the things that you have to understand about ABB is that the benefit of their products are made in claims rather than proof based. What this means is that there are no clinical studies to back up the claims they make about their products. That doesn't mean that they don't work, just that you want to use your own judgment.

If you are in the market for nutritional supplements, you should do your homework to ensure that what you are buying works. Supplements can be expensive so you want to ensure that your money is well spent. Use the supplement finder now!