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Year Founded: 1903


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Abbott Nutrition and Abbott Pharmaceutical History

Technically, Abbott Pharmaceutical was around many years before what is known know as Abbott Nutrition came into being. In 1888, on the north side of Chicago in his apartment located above his pharmacy, Dr. Wallace Abbott began producing dosimetric granules, or tiny pills containing adult dosages of medicines. Over 12 years later, Dr. Wallace began the Abbott Alkaloidal Company. This would later become Abbott Global.

In 1903 another company known as Ross Laboratories came into being. This company’s main goal was to provide cutting edge nutritional products for early century consumers. Over time, Ross Laboratories became Abbott Nutrition.

Today, Abbott Nutrition is a leader in nutritional products that help people not only stay healthy and in shape, but they also produce nutritional products that are used for a myriad of different things. From infant health to nutritional products for those suffering from diabetes, Abbott provides it all and much more.

Abbott Nutrition and Clinical Studies

With a company that is known as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry it would stand to reason that they would bring this reputation for clinical trials and studies to their nutritional products as well. For every product that Abbott Nutrition provides there is a corresponding trail of study to back up its nutritional claims.

If the study and trial of a product, whether it is a prescribed drug or an over the counter nutritional product is important to you, then you will not be disappointed with Abbott Nutrition. On their website you will notice, under the News and Media heading and the sub heading New Products and Improvements, you will find a complete rundown of what a new or improved product is meant to be used for. Not only that, you will find references to each study or clinical trial the product has undergone.

The bottom line is that with a company like Abbott, it is important that reputations be upheld and that goes for clinical trials and studies. That is why every Abbott Nutrition product undergoes the sort of rigorous testing, trails and studies that one might expect from the creation and development of a pharmaceutical drug.

Abbott Nutrition Products

Since 1903, Abbott Nutrition has been producing some of the most notable nutritional products around. These products are not just used to support the health of healthy active people, but in keeping with the medicine side of Abbott, there are many nutritional products aimed at helping improve a person’s health and quality of life.

Abbott Nutrition paints with a very wide brush when it comes to the products that they provide. These products are broken down into 6 specific categories:

  • Infants and mothers
  • Children
  • Adults
  • Sports
  • Active living
  • Therapeutic nutrition

For infants and mothers, the most widely known products are Similac, Pedicare, and EleCare. However, Abbott Nutrition also provides quality nutrition for premature babies, hospital formulas and they even provide mutli language written information and guidance on breast feeding.

For children, PediSure is an excellent electrolyte source. In addition, EleCare is an excellent formula with was intended for children who can’t handle milk or soy based formulas.

As for adults, if you have ever heard or seen of the nutritional drink Ensure, you have seen a Abbott Nutrition product. However, this is not the only product offered. Abbott Nutrition also provides adult feeding tube nutrition as well as hospital nutrition, which is especially important as with certain diseases and conditions, malnutrition is a major concern.

When it comes to those living an active lifestyle, Abbott Nutrition offers a wide array of supplement products. From energy bars, creatine based products for strength training, workout recovery products and energy supplements; Abbott has an extensive line of helpful nutritional products.

Lastly, Abbott nutritional products also benefit those with therapeutic conditions. With many conditions like cancer, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders, nutrition can be important but often lacking. Abbott provides essential nutrition specifically designed for the nutrients that people with these conditions need but so often don’t get.

Abbott Nutrition Conclusion

The bottom line is that Abbott Nutrition has a good reputation based on its connection with Abbott Pharmaceuticals. When looking for nutritional supplements, the source you get it from is important, and this company is considered trustworthy. Use the supplement finder to compare other nutritional supplements today.



Abbott Nutrition