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Year Founded: 2007


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Absolute Quality Bulk's Mission

According to a forum posting dated November 2007, Mr. Engle launched the company with the goal of providing high quality nutritional actives in bulk powder form. He promised no fillers and no proprietary mixes in company products, preferring to provide the most concentrated and pure extracts possible. One cited example of this goal was a Forskolin extract which Mr. Engle claimed to be 98% pure.

Part of the Absolute Quality Bulk business plan was to provide powders aimed at very specific bodybuilding and weight training needs. The idea was to allow bodybuilders to purchase the specific ingredients they desired and mix and match them in a way that would be beneficial to helping them reach their goals. Whether or not the company was effective in executing this business plan is unknown. But the fact that their products can no longer be found online suggests the possibility of failure.

Absolute Quality Bulk Products in the Marketplace

Research indicates that three Absolute Quality Bulk products actually made it to market. They were: Icarian50, Sulbutiamine, and SuperCissus. We will attempt to describe these three products as best we can in this review, but keep in mind such descriptions may not be completely accurate.

Icarian50 - This product was an extract of the well-known Chinese supplement icariin. Icariin is extracted from various plants which are part of the Epimedium family; most notably the Horny Goat Weed. The substance has been used for centuries in China as an aphrodisiac and an erectile dysfunction treatment. As a bodybuilding supplement, icariin increases nitric oxide in the body which aids in building muscle mass.

Sulbutiamine - Sulbutiamine is a supplement with its origins in Japan, where it's been used to help boost energy levels, improve memory, and treat erectile dysfunction. Is a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and is thought to increase the levels of B1 in the body. As a bodybuilding supplement it is used mainly to reduce fatigue and increase blood flow.

SuperCissus - SuperCissus is an extract from cissus, a woody vine in of grape family. The product allegedly helps the body recover from damage caused to the cartilage, joints, ligaments, muscle, and tendons. The analgesic properties of this substance also make it an effective pain reliever.

Absolute Quality Bulk and USP Labs

In the forum posting referenced earlier in this review, Mr. Engle signed-off as CEO of Absolute Quality Bulk and a USP Labs marketing consultant. Since USP Labs carries some of the same products that were offered by Absolute Quality Bulk, it is possible that Mr. Engle's fledgling company was absorbed by his employer.

One example in support of this theory is USP Labs' Super Cissus product which is essentially the same thing as the AQB product; the only difference being the space between the two words in the product name. Although this scenario is just a theory, if it can be substantiated supplement users could research USP Labs to find out all they need to know about the former AQB products.

As with all bodybuilding supplements, it is wise to do plenty of research and take anecdotal evidence with a grain of salt. Forum postings contain dozens of testimonials for various bodybuilding supplements; some of the favorable and some of them not. The safest and wisest course of action when researching bodybuilding supplements is to talk to a certified personal trainer or bodybuilding expert who has experience in such matters. To compare several supplement on the market you can use the free supplement finder now!

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