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Accelerative Nutraceuticals Marketing

How diet supplements are marketed goes a long way in helping to discern whether or not they are worth the time and investment. Where Accelerative Nutraceuticals is concerned, their main source of marketing seems to be the company website. Unfortunately, this website provides very little real information about MuscleSpeed or any other products the company currently sells, or is working on. Although the website is attractive, it is sorely lacking were valuable information is concerned.

Several of the website links are troubling as well. For example, the "order it" link is dead - it leads to nowhere even though it has been coded as a legitimate link. The "distributors" link would lead one to believe that following it would give consumers information about where they could find Accelerative Nutraceuticals products. Not so in this case. Rather, it is a page which contains a short promotional paragraph and then a link for those who wish to become Accelerative Nutraceuticals distributors.

On the positive side, the website does contain active links to e-mail contacts for both information and the sales department. In addition, the "about us" link provides a toll-free telephone number that interested consumers can call for more information.

Finally, there are plenty of third party reviews of MuscleSpeed, suggesting that Accelerative Nutraceuticals is currently active in supplying at least this one product. Some of those reviews contain links to a limited number of distributors which carry the product.

Accelerative Nutraceuticals Favorable Aspects

Accelerative Pharmaceuticals' MuscleSpeed product gets many favorable reviews as a thermogenic fat burning supplement. In the absence of verifiable clinical studies, fat burning supplements are only as effective as consumers believe they are, but with the positive reviews that MuscleSpeed receives, there's no reason to suggest that doesn't work at all. Also, if MuscleSpeed lives up to its claims of increased focus and energy, it can indeed give the athlete a competitive edge.

Accelerative Nutraceuticals Unfavorable Aspects

MuscleSpeed contains a significant amount of caffeine as its main energy booster. After regular use of the product, users can suffer caffeine withdrawal if they miss a day or two of use. The supplement must be taken every day in order to realize its maximum benefit, even on days of exercise rest.

Finally, the product is a little pricey at a cost of $50-$60 for a 90 day supply. If you are considering using it simply as a weight-loss supplement, there are other, less expensive alternatives that would be just as effective. You can compare them with the supplement finder provided.

Accelerative Nutraceuticals Products and Safety

The safety of Accelerative Nutraceuticals products, specifically MuscleSpeed, has never been seriously questioned. However, it must be noted that thermogenic fat burners containing caffeine could put unnecessary stress on the heart and kidneys of some users. This is due to the nature of thermogenic fat burning.

Thermogenic fat burners work on the principle of increasing the body's metabolism so it burns fat and other calories more efficiently. Most thermogenic supplements accomplish this in two ways: increasing energy output and increasing body temperature.

The combination of both of these factors generally causes a metabolic boost which can indeed help burn excess fat. The biggest downside however, is the fact that thermogenic fat burners often bring the unwanted side effects of nervousness, jittery feelings, abnormal anxiety, and insomnia.

While MuscleSpeed appears to be a safe and effective supplement for boosting energy and aiding weight loss, it should be used with great care. It would be a good idea to consult your physician before beginning a regular MuscleSpeed regimen. Compare Accelerative Nutraceuticals and other provider products using the free supplement finder now! 

Accelerative Nutraceuticals