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AccuFitness Body Fat Calipers and Tape Measures

Two of the products offered by this company are its body fat calipers and tape measures.

  • A body fat caliper called the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 allows the user to track his or her body fat quickly, conveniently and privately. This product has been tested and can provide results that are accurate to within 1.1%. Along with the unit itself, the customer also receives detailed instructions on how to use the body fat caliper correctly. Body fat measurement charts for men and women are also provided. The user can track his or her progress with the charts provided in the package.
  • The MyoTape Body Tape Measure is designed to make taking measurements and tracking process very easy. The tape measure comes with a hand grip to reduce the likelihood of sliding. It provides measurements in inches and centimeters, as well as 1/16 inch and millimeters. The tape measure can be locked in place easily to facilitate getting accurate measurements. The user simply places it in the area to be measured and inserts the rod located at the end of the tape into a slot on the handle and presses a button to cause the tape to retract, ensuring a snug fit. The measurement can then be read from the outer edge of the tape measure.

AccuFitness Workout Software

AccuFitness' BodyTracker software can help a fitness enthusiast measure and track body fat levels with readings taken from a caliper, a tape measure or a body fat scale. Once the body fat level has been recorded, the software can display an image of the user showing his or her body measurements. The software can also calculate Body Mass Indicator (BMI) and how many calories the user burns in a day.

AccuFitness Workout Products

For people who want to keep track of their progress on the way to reaching their 10,000 steps per day goal, AccuFitness offers a step pedometer. The unit clips onto the user's belt and can record up to 99,999 steps. A customer who wants a pedometer that can provide more detail can consider the pedometer that displays steps taken and calories burned during a walk, hike or jog.

Heart rate monitors are also part of the company's product line. Customers can choose from a classic strapless model or one that also includes a chest strap for continuous feedback.

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout, and AccuFitness offers high-speed weighted jump ropes in nine and 10-foot lengths. The ends and center of the rope are thin, and the sides are thicker to provide a more challenging workout.

Another product offered by AccuFitness is the HYDRYX™ Hard-Core Workout Towel. This product is made to absorb large amounts of sweat quickly and easily. Unlike a regular cotton towel that gets wet and stays that way, the Hard Core Workout Towel can take in up to five times its weight in liquid.

The serious athlete can use this towel to keep him or herself cool while at the gym, on the road or golf course. This product can also be part of a First Aid kit or to help prevent heat stroke. By keeping the towel moist by rinsing it with water before use, the user can help to stay dry during a workout and keep cool when the mercury rises. Use the supplement finder provided to make sure you've got the proper nutrition to keep up with your active lifestyle, now!