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ActiPet Products for Dogs

The ActiPet product line includes a multivitamin for dogs.

  • Canine Complex contains vitamins and minerals to make sure that the animal is getting his or her nutritional needs met appropriately. This product is offered in a chewable tablet. A separate formulation is offered for older dogs, called Canine Complex Senior.
  •  For customers who wish to buy a multivitamin with greens for their canine companion, ActiPet also offers Canine Complex Plus Greens. This product is available in a powder form, which makes it easy to mix with other foods. With its peanut butter flavor, the dog will likely enjoy it as well. The company's Greens for Dogs product is a chewable, liver-flavored tablet that can be given separately if desired.
  •  As a dog gets older, the pet owner may be faced with continence issues. To deal with this problem, ActiPet offers Canine Continence. The product contains a combination of herbs and soy to help support normal urinary function for pets.
  •  For overall canine well-being, this company offers a chewable tablet called Doggie Defense. Made from bovine colostrum, this formulation also contains echinacea.

ActiPet Products for Cats

Cats are not left out when it comes to the ActiPet product line.

  • Feline Formula is a multivitamin and mineral formulation for cats. It is available as a chewable, chicken-flavored tablet. Customers who are looking for a vitamin and mineral product that also contains greens can choose the Feline Formula Plus Greens product, which is a tuna-flavored powder.
  •  Hairballs are a common complaint among cat owners, and ActiPet has a product designed to deal with this issue. Hairball Formula is a chewable tablet that contains slippery elm, papain and psyllium seed  to help stop hairballs from forming. This remedy is flavored like chicken and tuna to make it palatable for the cat.
  •  The company also offers a remedy for hip and joint issues effecting cats. The product, which is simply called Hip and Joint Defense for Cats, contains MSM and glucosamine to increase flexibility and keep the hip joints healthy.
  •  ActiPet also offers a product to help with urinary tract health issues. The urinary tract formula is made with cranberry extract and a selection of other herbs.
  •  A product is also available to treat ear issues in pets. The company's Healthy Ear formulation is made with mullein, garlic and other herbs to soothe the pet's ears.

ActiPet Products for Anxiety

Pets can be prone to anxiety and the company offers a chewable tablet containing chamomile, passion flower, valerian and St. John's wort. This combination can help the pet to feel calmer and more secure when traveling or during times when the animal must be separated from his or her owner.

  •  ActiPet's Behave product is a peanut butter-flavored powder made from bone meal, oat straw and chamomile. This product also contains hops, brewer's yeast and B-complex vitamins. Not only does it help with canine behavior, but it helps to improve the quality of the animal's coat. For best results, use this supplement with Canine Complex Daily Multivitamin.
  •  Another product offered by ActiPet to relieve anxiety symptoms is called Fetchables biscuits. Giving them to a dog is marketed as a way to help keep him or her calm naturally. This product also helps to improve the appearance of the pet's coat.

ActiPet offers a line of supplement products to help improve the lives of the four-legged pets who take them. It offers specific formulations for dogs and cats, as well as ones designed to deal with anxiety issues that can affect both of them. This company's products are available in flavors that pets will like, too. You can view and compare supplements for humans too with the free supplement finder now!