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Year Founded: 1994


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Active Wrap Hot and Cold Therapy

To put it simply, the Active Wrap is a hot and cold therapy solution. Obviously, the newest designs are very advanced beyond the original prototype, and well beyond many common hot and cold therapy wraps. This is a thermal wrap that compresses the injured body part for comfort and healing.

The Active Wrap is made from active medical plush fabric that is not only eco-friendly but also highly comfortable. There are six different types of Active Wraps currently available. Each wrap is used to support a different area of the body by way of compression support, as well as hot and cold therapies.

Reusable heat and ice packs are used along with the wrap, so that the wrap becomes soft and molds to your body. Just imagine a heating pack that conforms to your body and can be customized so that the heat is exactly where you need it to be.

Active Wraps Advantages

There are some advantages to using the Active Wraps over other the ice or heat packs from the drugstore. Consider this: when you nurse a sprained ankle, you have to try to keep hard and unyielding chunks of ice in proper position. You also have to clean up the mess of dripping water and soggy ace bandages.

Some athletes and weight trainers may try using frozen bags of peas, but what a waste of food that is! Others purchase pricy gel packs, only to realize that the gel easily moves away from the target spot due to the pressure of wrapping. This is what makes Active Wraps ideal; the reusable ice packs have a special stay-in-place gel that does not move, even if it is under immense pressure.

This means that you get the full benefits of the ice, right where you need it. The same is true for the heat packs—you get the same concentration. 

Active Wraps Types

The six different types of Active Wraps include foot and ankle, knee, back, shoulder, elbow and wrist. Each active wrap gives targeted relief, and this is the best feature for most athletes. The wrap comes with two thermal pads, which allow for many different configurations within each wrap. You can use one wrap for ice and one wrap for heat. This is excellent treatment for sore muscles.

The foot and ankle wrap slips on the leg and looks almost like a boot. They come in two sizes; small to medium size, which will fit feet from foot size 3 all the way to size 10. Wraps also come in a large to extra large size, which fits feet that are 10 1/2 all the way to a size 18.

The foot and ankle Active Wrap is good for all sorts of aches and pains. If you had a sprain, swelling or painful bruise then put wrap around your sore area. It can also help sore arches, pain in the heel, spurs or bursitis.

Active Wrap and Sports

If you are into sports like golf, tennis or even little league, the elbow Active Wrap can be a game saver. You can even wear it without the ice or heat packs inserted and simply use it to help increase circulation while you play.

The shoulder wrap is also a good item for athletes who do plenty of throwing in competitive sports. Even on the job accidents such as a rotary cuff injury, can be soothed with the use of Active Wrap.

For those a little less active (perhaps those video game lovers out there) remember that you aren’t free from the risk of repetitive injuries! The wrist wrap is often used by people who work long hours at the computer or who may be experiencing carpel tunnel syndrome. Whatever your wrist pains are, these wraps can help soothe your pain thanks to hot and cold therapy. 

If you or anyone you know uses hot or cold packs for healing purposes, then the Active Wrap may be a wise smart investment. They are eco-friendly and body friendly wraps which may be able to tame the pain and ease the stresses right out of your sore spots. Athletes use Active Wrap products and you can too! 

Active Wrap