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Year Founded: 2005


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Advanced Genetics Flagship Product: GP3

Advanced Genetics first began with the production of its trademark product GP3 or Growth pHactor 3. GP3 comes in tablet or powder form and combines the muscle building supplements Creatine, Glutamine, and BCAAs in order to maximize muscle growth and strength. It also claims to help:

  • Improve concentration
  • Abdominal fat loss
  • Decrease fatigue and soreness after working out

Advanced Genetics recommends taking this product a half hour before and after your workout on training days and upon wake up and at mid-day on rest days. The company states that you should take GP3 on an empty stomach for best results. GP3 retails for around $45.00 per bottle.

Advanced Genetics Energy Supplement- Drive

Drive is a pre-workout supplement that boosts energy by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Its claim to fame, so to speak, is that is does not cause the typical side effects often seen with similar supplements including shakiness, anxiety, and exhaustion associated with a crash once it is out of your system. It also claims to improve focus, mood, and memory.

Drive can be taken when you wake up to give you energy for the day or 30 minutes before working out to help you feel more alert during your training session. The company recommends that Drive be taken on an empty stomach for best results.

Advanced Genetics Hormone Optimizer – Alpha

Alpha is a product that increases the production of testosterone and growth hormone (GH) and improves male libido. Advanced Genetics claims it is the most powerful product of its kind available on the market. By improving hormone production, muscle mass is increased and fat burning takes place. Alpha also increases nitric oxide levels, metabolism, and protein synthesis.  

The company recommends taking this product 30 minutes before working out or 30 minutes before bed. It also states that you should only use Alpha for eight weeks straight and then take two weeks off before resuming use.

Advanced Genetics Fat Burner – F-10

F-10 is a fat burning supplement that works in connection with cardiovascular or anaerobic exercise. It improves metabolic function including resting metabolism. F-10 decreases your appetite and creates the feeling of being full more quickly when eating. It also claims to improve thyroid function and increase your ability to focus.

It is recommended that you take two capsules 30 minutes before you engage in a cardio workout. On non-training days it should be taken in the early morning and mid afternoon on an empty stomach. F-10 can be combined with GP3 and Alpha for greater results. Advanced Genetics recommends avoiding caffeine while using this product due to the potential for stimulant overload. After taking this supplement for twelve weeks you should stop taking it for two weeks before beginning the use of  it again.

Advanced Genetics is also planning to release a new supplement in the winter of 2011 called Nitric Impact. This will contain ingredients that produce nitric oxide, an important product for improving blood flow to muscles which aides in their ability to take in nutrients and proteins.

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