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Advanced Muscle Science Dietary Supplements

There are several dietary supplements sold by Advanced Muscle Science. Some of the types of supplements you can buy from Advanced Muscle Science include:

Within each category of supplements you have several options that Advanced Muscle Science makes available to you. There are 11 Pro-Anabolic supplements, eight of which are capsules, tablets, or powder and three of which are liquid. These are hormone supplements that can help build muscle and improve your athletic performance.

There are two kinds of testosterone boosters or Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) supplements. One is a tablet form and one is a liquid form. In addition to increasing libido, testosterone supplements may help build muscle when taken along with a strength training regime.

Mental acuity supplements can help enhance your memory, keep you alert, and increase your energy and motivation. Advanced Muscle Science has two kinds of mental acuity supplements available.

Pre-workout supplements can be taken prior to a workout to help the blood flow to your muscles, which can give you a better workout and ease the repair of your muscles after your workout as well. There are four kinds of pre-workout supplements available from Advanced Muscle Science.

Advanced Muscle Science offers two kinds of intra-workout supplements as well, one that contains carbohydrates and one that is carb free. The energy you get from these dietary supplements can increase your workout performance. The same supplements can be used for your post workout to aid in the recovery of your muscles and help them get bigger.

If you are looking for a diet supplement that can help you burn fat, there is one available from Advanced Muscle Science. Available as capsules, these supplements can help increase your metabolism.

Advanced Muscle Science Dietary Supplement Suggestions

Advanced Muscle Science recommends different supplements based on your goals. Each supplement category addresses different needs and then each supplement within each category has different recommendations.

No dietary supplement should be taken without research and physician approval. Dietary supplements can have adverse side effects and can also cause damage to your body.

Drug interactions can be severe so you may want to consult with a pharmacist before taking dietary supplements. Tell your pharmacist about all of your prescription medications as well as any over the counter drugs that you are taking in order to determine the safety of a dietary supplement.

Advanced Muscle Science Recalls Issued

In September of 2010, Advanced Muscle Science issued a voluntary recall of five of their supplements. Three of the supplements were the AROM variety, including the –X capsules, the –X UTT Liquid, and the –XL Liquid. The other supplements that were part of the voluntary recall included Decavol capsules and 4-AD capsules.

All of the dietary supplements that were recalled were considered testosterone boosters, although some of them had ceased being manufactured in 2009. The recall was at the FDA’s urging, citing ATD as an unapproved and dangerous ingredient. Risks of ATD include infertility, hostile behavior, the hindering of bone growth, kidney failure, and liver problems.

If you have any of the recalled products you are to discontinue use immediately. Any adverse reactions that you may have experienced using one of the recalled products should be reported to your physician as well as Advanced Muscle Science and the FDA.

Advanced Muscle Science cooperated with the recall and has recalled all of the products that include ATD on a nationwide level. Arom-X RD is not part of the recall and is still available from Advanced Muscle Science.

Advanced Muscle Science has been recognized with two awards of excellence, one in 2007 and one in 2009. When ordering nutritional supplements, it's critical that you can trust both the manufacturer and provider. Compare these and other supplement offerings with the supplement finder now! 

Award of Excellence in 2007 and 2009
Advanced Muscle Science