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Advanced Muscle Products

If you are looking for Advanced Muscle products, you can try to identify their products by the name and logo on the dietary supplement. The colors associated with the Advanced Muscle logo are red and gray.

The “V” in the word Advanced of Advanced Muscle is essentially the logo of the dietary supplements company. The sides (outline) of the “V” are in gray and the inside of the “V” is filled in with the color red. The “V” letter is more than twice the size of the other letters in the words Advanced Muscle.

On dietary supplements from Advanced Muscle, the label on the bottles may also have a red and gray thick stripe going diagonally across the front of the bottle. The slogan for Advanced Muscle may or may not be on the bottle, but it is “Science, Support, Success.”

Advanced Muscle Dietary Supplements

The only dietary supplement that seems to be labeled by Advanced Muscle currently is called Test Boost. Test Boost is a testosterone supplement that is meant to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Test Boost can be taken by both men and women and it is supposed to improve athletic performance. Advanced Muscle claims that Test Boost can improve your energy and endurance for a better workout.

Another benefit of Test Boost is that is can help to enhance your mood as well as to increase your sexual desires and activity. The increase in testosterone may also help cleanse your kidneys and improve the functioning of your nervous system.

Advance Muscle and Test Boost Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Test Boost are Di-Indole-Methane, Tribulus Terrestris, Saponins, and Soy Isoflavones. Extracts include Nettle, Pygeum Bark, Muria Puama, Suma, Cabbage Seed, and Broccoli.

Other natural ingredients that can be found in Test Boost are Flax Seed, Licorice Root Deg, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Ginger Root and Cayenne Powder. You can also find Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour, and Gelatin in Test Boost.

Although Test Boost comes packaged in bottles of 90 capsules, there are only 30 servings in each bottle. One serving of Test Boost is three capsules, which is equivalent to 1100mg.

Advanced Muscle and Test Boost Benefits

Testosterone is a necessary hormone for all people. It is much more prevalent in males (by as much as ten times the hormone level) and is the main hormone responsible for the development and functioning of the penis.

However, there are additional benefits to testosterone, such as it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also help build muscle and strengthen hair follicles.

People that are naturally low in testosterone may need to take testosterone supplements to boost their hormone level. Other people may take testosterone to increase their sex drive or to help aid in muscle building or athletic performance.

The aging process comes with a natural decrease in testosterone levels, so as you get older it becomes more difficult to build and maintain muscles. Advanced Muscle sells the dietary supplement Test Boost to help boost your testosterone level.

There is no scientific evidence to support that taking testosterone supplements while your body is already producing an adequate supply of the hormone can aid in for muscle growth. The only way to truly build muscle, with or without dietary supplements, is with dedicated weight training.

Evidence does support that taking too much testosterone can be dangerous and may even be fatal. An excessive level of testosterone can lead to an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. It can also lead to liver cancer.

Furthermore, taking too much testosterone can lead to the very opposite effects you may expect, such as a decrease in sexual desire, the development of male breasts, infertility, and hair loss instead of hair stimulation. It can also cause heart conditions and in some cases may cause the development of diabetes. Compare your Advanced Muscle testosterone options with those from other providers by using the free supplement finder now!

Before taking dietary supplements, especially testosterone, consult with a physician. Your physician can tell you if your testosterone levels are low or not and if you may need help boosting your hormones. Advanced Muscle sells Test Boost as a natural testosterone dietary supplement.  

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