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Alacer Products

Alacer uses only the ascorbate version of vitamin C in its products and calls it the "true" vitamin C. The company's preference for ascorbate comes form the fact that ascorbic acid does bring with it some unintended side affects, especially when consumed in excess. Some of those side affects include upset stomach, heartburn, and nausea.

Alacer products are divided into three main categories which all carry the brand name Emergen-C. Those categories are:

Alacer's original Emergen-C formula remains the company's bestseller and contains 24 nutrients including vitamin C, seven varieties of vitamin B, and electrolytes. The supplements come in a powder which is designed to be mixed with a glass of water to create what Alacer terms a "fizzy drink." Various flavors include orange, lemon, grape, strawberry, and more.

Alacer's main immunity defense product is called Emergen-C Immune+. This product is a proprietary blend containing vitamin C, zinc, beta glucans, and other ingredients. It is also a fizzy drink mix which contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

In the multivitamin category, Alacer produces two formulas for adults and two for children. The company sells these products under the guise of being a multivitamin without the pill. Also sold as a flavored fizzy drink,  Alacer says that their multivitamin supplements are "fun", though no specific reason is given to support that claim. All four products contain vitamin C, several B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and more.

Alacer Testimonials

While it's almost a given that user testimonials must be taken with a grain of salt, the ones associated with Alacer products are mostly good. A quick analysis of various review-based websites generally show Emergen-C receiving an average score of four out of five. Customers site Emergen-C as a great immune system booster, a cold and flu preventer, and an energy booster. Obviously, the testimonials are not indicative of how well the products work for all consumers.

Alacer Website

Alacer's primary means of marketing and sales is their website. The website is attractive enough, using what appears to be a notebook or journal as a background and an assortment of attractive, pastel colors. Menus are easy to navigate and all products include thumbnail images.

There is a section devoted to a list of retailers where you can find Alacer products. The list includes dozens of brick and mortar stores and a handful of online stores. Some of the more well-known retailers that carry Alacer products include BJs Wholesale, CVS, GNC, Kmart, and Wal-Mart.

Alacer Products Caution

As with any nutritional supplement, it is important that consumers know exactly what they are ingesting and how it will affect their bodies. Excessive amounts of vitamin C have been known to cause digestive system issues including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Some studies even suggest a link between excess vitamin C and irritable bowel syndrome.

Also be aware that Emergen-C products can cause some drug interaction problems. Some of the drugs known to interact negatively with Emergen-C include acetaminophen, aspirin, several types of estrogens, various oral contraceptives, and some types of chemotherapy treatments. The complete list of such drugs  is rather expensive, so consumers are urged to do plenty of research before using Alacer's Emergen-C.