Year Founded: 2001


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ALRI Research

ALRI prides itself on scientific research focused mainly on the biological responses to their products and the ingredients they contain. Their website lists several links to clinical research studies performed on several substances they use. All of the records contain a general synopsis of the clinical research, how it was conducted, and the results that were obtained. In addition, the website provides an articles section featuring various ALRI supplements, the athletes who use them, and the results they achieved.

ALRI Marketing

If nothing else, ALRI knows a thing or two about effective marketing. One look at the choice of names they use to promote their supplements is all the evidence you need to see the company is very good at targeting specific demographic groups.

For example, how about a male enhancement supplement called Pornstar? Or a size and strength conditioner named Jungle Warfare Extreme? ALRI even carries weight loss and energy supplements named Poison, Comatose, and Lean dreams. Even if you're not interested in the supplements themselves, simply browsing through the names on their website can be amusing.

In addition to creative naming, ALRI knows how to effectively use the Internet for marketing purposes as well. Their website is clean, slick, visually attractive, and plays very much to the macho mindset typical of so many weight trainers. Their media section contains videos, paparazzi photos, and radio clips. The previously mentioned articles are complete with athlete quotes, bios, and photos galore. In other words, ALRI knows how to captivate the attention of their chosen audience effectively.

ALRI Positives

The biggest thing this company has going for them is their extensive product list. They have supplements that cover just about every need in the bodybuilding industry, as well as a handful for those who are trying to lose weight and burn fat. The male enhancement supplements are simply the icing on the cake. ALRI also has the PR advantage of plenty of athletes who use and endorse the products. Among those athletes are quite a few championship belts and a long list of athletic accomplishments.

ALRI Negatives

One of the strikes against ALRI is the price of their products. Some of these supplements can be incredibly expensive and may not be worth the cost. One example is the previously mentioned Pornstar male enhancement supplement. The suggested retail price for 30 caplets is just under $70 plus shipping and handling. Similarly, many of the other products can easily break the bank if you're not careful. On the positive side, the company does offer guaranteed satisfaction with a full refund if you're not happy.

Finally, the biggest negative facing ALRI products is one that should be taken very seriously. The company acknowledges that its supplements are very potent and should be used in strict accordance with the instructions given. Because of the strength of many of these supplements, they can be dangerous to your health if not used properly.

ALRI supplements are not intended for individuals under the age of 21 and all users should be cognizant of any effects that may occur during use. Any serious side effects should be reason enough to cease using a given supplement immediately. Of course, a doctor's consultation is always recommended before beginning a bodybuilding supplement regimen or workout routine. Use the supplement finder to locate and compare other online providers now!