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Athletic Edge Nutrition and Research

As mentioned above, Athletic Edge Nutrition claims that they use only the most cutting edge technologies to create their products. The problem is, they don’t tell you what those technologies are and how they vary from other products.

There are a couple of problems that we found with the research aspect of the products created by Athletic Edge. For example, IntraXCell is said to be proven to work because three studies backed up the claims made by the company for this product.

However, the studies cited were very small, lasting no more than 8 weeks. What’s more, the results were compared against placebo with the placebo groups achieving excellent results without using the IntraXCell product. The difference between placebo and the group taking the supplement was only 8%. While this is considered significant when compared to other supplement products, in the clinical world this is very insignificant.

What’s more, they also make the claim that their studies are great because they were published in sports journals. The problem with this is that these publications will publish virtually any study created by a supplement company; this has nothing to do with the quality of the studies.

Lastly, it appears as if there were only 37 people included in this study. In order to achieve actionable results a study needs to be much larger, to include a wide range of age groups, and to include both athletic and non athletic persons. This study included wrestlers and football players at college age (average age 19).

With all that being said, many companies do not do any studies at all on their products because of the cost. Even though the studies done here are small and short, it says something positive that the company is willing to do any studies at all; they just need to be more comprehensive.

Athletic Edge Nutrition and Pre-Workout Supplement

PreSurge Unleashed is a pre-workout supplement. One of the first things that Athletic Edge Nutrition points out is that other companies stick with the same formulas year after year and that Athletic Edge updates their products based on better ingredients and new research that comes available about different products.

The claims that Athletic Edge Nutrition makes about this product is that it increases Nitric Oxide synthesis. In addition, it claims to engorge muscles through increased blood flow. They also claim that the creatine used in the product creates intense muscle fullness and hardness. Creatine is well studied and widely used and trusted in the weight training and athletic fields.

Another aspect of this product that Athletic Edge Nutrition claims is different is that it give tons of energy without the shakes and jitters that normally occur when you use energy products. There is also the claim that those that use the product will experience better memory, concentration and more.

Lastly, PreSurge Unleashed claims to reduce healing time between workouts because of the amino acids supplied in the supplement.

Athletic Edge Nutrition and Workout Supplement

IntrAbolic is supposed to stimulate the anabolic response in the body during exercise. This in turn is supposed to prevent muscle fatigue allowing you to work harder and longer.

According to Athletic Edge Nutrition, IntrAbolic has no sugar, no stimulants, increases endurance, speeds up recovery and creates energy without giving the jitters.

Lastly is IntraXCell. This is a product that Athletic Edge Nutrition claims increases muscle mass, strength and endurance. This is another creatine based product from Athletic Edge and it is created specifically for bodybuilders and high intensity athletes.

Athletic Edge Nutrition Cost

One of the nice things about Athletic Edge Nutrition is that, despite all of their claims of research, high end technological advances and so on, their products are very reasonably priced compared to similar products.

You should, however, take the time to read through the testimonials of these and other products before you buy to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. Compare Athletic Edge Nutrition with products from other companies using the supplement finder and nutrition education page provided here! 

Althletic Edge Nutrition