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Altus Equipment

Altus produces products for people in the following categories:

Interestingly, you won't find every tool that you would need for every group in order to have a successful and productive home gym. For example, in the strength training section of the Altus website, you will find that there is only one set of weights for sale. These weights are typical of what you can find nearly everywhere and only go up to 8lbs.

Instead, what you will find in the strength training section are many items that are designed to keep your body safe such as belts, gloves and vests. You will also find that there are a great many items to enhance your current workout such as push up stands.

In the general fitness area, you will find that there are a wide variety of products available for sale. These range from traditional fitness items, such as jump ropes to the not so traditional water weights for water fitness. Again, you won’t find anything terribly innovative, just products that are made by a well known fitness company, which may appeal to you.

In the wellness section, you will find that there are a series of yoga mats and a couple of yoga accessories. That’s pretty much it for the wellness department at Altus.

Lastly, in the sports training section, you will find a lot of products designed to help you develop speed and agility. They have everything from speed ladder (you know those ladders you run through, not climb up) to cones and hurdles. Essentially, runners or people interested in participating in triathlons will find the equipment that they need to train for their endurance sport.

Altus and Reputation

Yes and no. As mentioned above, Altus doesn’t create new products or find new ways of doing things, they simply make the same equipment that you can find in any fitness store. In fact, you will find many Altus products in your local fitness store.

As to the yes, one of the things that are special about Altus is the fact that they have been in business for a long time. The fitness community is notoriously picky about the products that they use. It doesn’t take long for a company to go under because they don’t product quality products.

Altus, however, has been making fitness equipment and accessories for over 35 years. This means that they are doing something right in terms of how they make their equipment. This also means that they aren’t going to be the cheapest game in town either.

However, it is important to note that many of their products are very reasonably priced. If you are set on Altus products, you should shop around at different sources. Sports Authority, for example, tends to be more expensive than Walmart, for example.

Altus Customers

Who should buy from Altus? This is a tough question to answer simply because only you can determine your budget and whether or not Altus products fall into your price range. However, anyone who wants a strong brand name for their exercise equipment may want to consider Altus as an option. There are, however, many other excellent choices as well.

One last thing.

One of the neat things about Altus is that if you visit their website and look at their products, you will find that many of them also include the types of exercises that should be conducted using the product. In addition, many are linked to free video so that you can see the exercises being done.

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