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Year Founded: 2002


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Amazing Grass Products

Amazing Grass offers:

  • Wheat grass
  • Green SuperFood
  • Berry SuperFood
  • Chocolate SuperFood
  • Energy SuperFood
  • Kidz SuperFood
  • Energy bars
  • Amazing Meal

The wheat grass from Amazing Grass includes barley grass, oat grass and rye grass. Using wheat grass products in general means that you can get daily quota of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables by using wheat grass three times a day.

Amazing Grass offers wheat grass supplements in powder and tablet form. You can purchase the powder in bulk or in individual packets to add to juice, water, etc.

  • Green SuperFood is a blend of cereal grasses, alfalfa and micro-algae. The claim made by Amazing Grass is that they have more organic greens per gram than any other product on the market. Much like the wheat grass, the Green SuperFood is available in powder, tablet or packet form.
  • Berry SuperFood uses gogi berries as the base. In addition, this product includes cereal grasses and organic alfalfa. The claim for this product is that it will naturally cleanse the body of impurities and detoxify it. Berry SuperFood is available in the same variations as the other products.
  • Chocolate SuperFood is designed to boost your energy and your immune system. This product contains organic cacao and a dark chocolate blend combined with cereal grasses, alfalfa and micro-algae. This product is only available in a powder to create a chocolate drink.
  • Energy SuperFood contains plant based caffeine that Amazing Grass claims gives you an energy boost. It contains cereal grasses, alfalfa and micro-algae in addition to acia powder and yerba mate. Energy SuperFood is available in powder and packets.
  • Kidz SuperFood is a chocolate flavored drink that includes all of the cereal grasses, alfalfa and micro-algae that the other products have as well as a blend of chocolate and berries to provide kids with their daily recommendation of both fruits and veggies in one single glass. This product is only available in a powder.
  • Energy bars consist of protein bars and energy bars. The flavors include peanut butter, chocolate, berry and original. Chocolate has long been the biggest seller for Amazing Grass when it comes to their energy bars.
  • Lastly are the Amazing Meals. Amazing Meals are meal replacement products that give you all of your daily required fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in one meal. These meal replacements are available in original, pomegranate mango, chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Amazing Grass Cost

The cost of Amazing Grass products start at $23.99 for one of the SuperFood products. This is for the smallest powder alternative. The cost goes up from there with the most expensive item being around $70.

While it might seem like the most expensive products are the powders, the truth is that when you compare the cost of the powder per serving to the cost of the energy bars, the energy bars are far more expensive at $35 for 12 bars.

The largest meal supplement, which is $70, has 30 servings in it, making it $2.33 a serving. The bars are $2.91 each and are designed as a snack, not to replace a meal.

Amazing Grass Supplements and Effectiveness

One of the benefits of the Amazing Grass products is that it is clear what ingredients are used in each product. There are many studies that show the benefits of wheat grass on health, so it is good that all of the Amazing Grass products have wheat grass as a base.

Do they work, however, is only something that can be answered if you try it. Amazing Grass does have a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee for 15 days after you buy a product. If it isn’t everything that you hoped for, you can just send it back! We like to see this from supplement companies. Of course, you can and should compare their products with others using the free supplement finder now! 

Amazing Grass