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Year Founded: 1909


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Amino Vital Benefits

No matter what sport you are engaging in, Amino Vital supplements may be able to play a role in aiding muscle support, recovery, and growth. Amino acids can help with fatigue, muscle soreness, and muscle recovery. It can also help enhance your concentration so that your performance is better.

Amino acids come from two sources. They are made by your body naturally and they also come from plant and animal resources. You need both types of amino acids, the ones that are created by you and ones that you consume, for optimal health.

Exercise is also necessary for good health, and amino acids play a key role in that as well. They are the main means of building protein, which is critical for muscle growth and repair. Athletes need amino acids not only for better performance but for recovery and general health as well. Amino acid supplements can help boost your amino acids.

Amino Vital and Sports

Any athlete may benefit from Amino Vital supplements. Amino acids can help your muscles recover and then become stronger no matter what sport in which you engage. Whether you are a weight trainer, cyclist, golfer, runner, skier, swimmer, or tennis player, Amino Vital advanced sports nutrition is made for your sport. It can also be effective for martial arts or athletes that are training and participating in a triathlon.

Professional athletes are not the only people who may benefit from amino acid supplements made by Amino Vital. Amateurs can also benefit from amino acids. Whether you work out at the gym because you are trying to tone your body or you exercise at home because you want to lose weight, amino acids are essential for your body’s recovery.

Supplements Offered by Amino Vital

Depending on your sport and what you are trying to achieve you may decide on different supplements. Amino Vital has five products for you that may help boost your performance.

  • Focus Zone is a drink mix that can give you energy before and during your workout, improving your performance. It comes in two different flavors, lemon or grape, and it’s only 20 calories per 16 fluid ounces.
  • Fast Charge is a powder shot that you can take before or during your workout. You can also use it daily whenever you need a surge of energy. One packet is only 15 calories and has a Lite Citrus flavor.
  • Endurance is a drink mix that can help long distance athletes. You can use it before and during your workout for sustained energy. This 150 calories amino acid blend comes in three flavors: lemon, fruit punch, and mandarin orange.
  • Pro is an amino acid drink mix that can be used before and during your workout as well as after your workout. It is specially formulated to help aid you in a quicker and more effective recovery. The grape flavor drink mix is 90 calories per 20 fluid ounces.
  • 7,500ER is yet another drink mix that can be used before, during, and after your workout. It is balanced to provide you with maximum performance by keeping you energized during your workout and by helping repair your muscles post workout. With either flavor, lemon or Fuji apple, this amino acid supplement from Amino Vital is only 90 calories per 20 fluid ounces.

The ingredients in all of the supplements offered by Amino Vital are different in each one, but the primary active ingredient contains some sort of proprietary amino acid blend. The amount of amino acids varies for each supplement as well, which may help determine which supplement is right for you.

While the main goal of the amino acids is to help you rebuild your muscle tissue, there are other essential ingredients as well. Some other ingredients you may find in the Amino Vital supplements are natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium, sodium, and potassium for electrolytes.

Amino Vital has been using research and development to help produce high quality amino acid supplements for athletes worldwide and will continue to do so in order to continue to bring the most recent products to the market. Find more supplement companies and compare their offerings with the supplement finder now! 

Amino Vital