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Year Founded: 2009


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Anabolic Designs and the Tauro Test Supplement

This company offers four main products that will give you an extra edge when it comes to weight training and endurance. One of the company’s most famous products is called Tauro Test, which is an anabolic augmentation system, or in other words, a testosterone booster to the extreme. This system’s unique blend of ingredients helps to raise testosterone levels, reduce estrogen levels, and help the thyroid perform at its peak. This means more lean muscle for you and less body fat, which is precisely what you want.

This product contains ingredients like cyclic adenosine monophosphate, IGF-1 stimulators, and other energy and health ingredients. Users have reported that using the supplements on a regular basis can help increase overall strength, leading to longer and harder workouts as well as increased muscle mass. If you want your body composition to dramatically improve, then this Anabolic Designs product is the one that should do the trick. Tauro Test does give you an edge in training.

Anabolic Designs Health and Training Supplements

Another product earning rave reviews from users is Livermilk. This product is a liver detoxification supplement that works wonders when it is combined with Tauro Test. Keep your liver in top shape so that your whole system can run smoothly. This product can be used by athletes, as well as those concerned about their immune system health.

If you like to go drinking with the guys on a regular basis, then you may already know that those drinks can certainly catch up with the body in a hurry. Do something good for yourself by letting livermilk get rid of any lingering toxins while rejuvenating your liver. A few of the ingredients in livermilk include milk thistle, which stops free radicals in their tracks, as well as dandelion root, which helps clean the liver and keep everything moving along.

Anabolic Designs’ “Stampede” formula boasts that it will let you “train like an animal”, thanks to this pre-workout formula’s intense list of ingredients. If you work long and hard but wish you could go above and beyond the standard 60 minutes, then this is the supplement for you. You no longer have to suffer from cramps or dehydration. Stampede can help you push harder for those extra reps. The right amount of electrolytes and minerals contained in the formula can help keep your body balanced. 

Natural anabolic compounds increase muscle volume and pump blood, allowing you the endurance you need to reach your next goal. This supplement even includes a complex that will keep your mind sharp and on target. Another complex in the formula helps users’ muscles to recover faster after an intense workout.

Anabolic Designs’ Shredabull Supplement

The final offering from Anabolic Designs is Shredabull. This can be used in conjunction with Stampede or Tauro Test for some impressive results. Shredabull is the fat burning supplement of the group, and helps you to rid your body of stored fat so that you have that lean muscular look.

This product is also a great energy booster but never leaves you with the highs and lows like chemically made energy drinks. Shredabull can also quiet those hunger pains and leave you with a reduced appetite. The less you eat, the less you have to burn off. Ingredients such as lipicarbolate, thyroid enhancement mix, alpha GPC, mucuna pruriens and cortikill are what make this supplement so powerful.

Anabolic Designs was founded in 2009 and is already making waves in the supplemental industry. It was started by a competitive bodybuilder who created the supplemental formula with a mind towards science. Try any of the company’s products, from Shredabull to Tauro Test, and put them to the test. You could see a dramatic difference in your workout routine and in your body shape.  

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