Year Founded: 1994


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Apex Product Line

The Apex product line is very complex, and it is hard to tie everything they represent together under one umbrella. There are several programs with the Apex name attached; you might find yourself stumbling across one of their programs accidentally. You may even start to do some research on your findings only to encounter a stumbling block. You must become a member before you can tie everything together as a recognizable part of the Apex line.

The products advertised on various websites are distinctive. This manufacturer is not limited to supplements, as they also offer fitness gear enhancements such as the Bodybugg which is an armband mechanism that uses your body heat to measure the amount of calories burned during your workout. The Apex store has products from A to Z that you can search by categories of ailments, best sellers, and function. Just to list a few, you can find such formulas as:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - Antioxidant that includes vitamin C for potent eradication of free radicals in the body
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine - An amino acid neurotransmitter for mental clarity
  • Fibromyalgin - Glucosomine sulphate, collagen type II (chicken based), magnesium, L-carnitine, D-phenylalanine, thiamine, and L-carnosine for inflammation and joint health
  • Brainchild Spectrum - A liquid formula for children packed with vitamins and herbs
  • AFP Peptized - One of several enzymes for proper digestion of proteins
  • Bebe-O - Vegan based prenatal vitamins
  • Advanced Mature Gold - Multivitamin for men’s health with 16 vitamins and minerals (women’s formula available also)
  • CandiBactin-BR - One of many probiotics for host organism health
  • Lutein - For macular and vision health
  • Douglas Labs Melatonin - Sleep support
  • Black Cohosh - Women’s health (proven to help relieve hot flashes)
  • Metagenics Ultra Meal Bars - Helps to maintain muscle mass while improving body composition
  • MediClear - Rice protein detox formula
  • Advanced Cellular Zeolite - Eliminates hard toxins, such as metals from the body
  • Flax Oil - An omega-3 fatty acid in its richest form

This product line also has Apex breakfast squares, bars, protein shakes, and meal replacements. You can also find fat burners and appetite control formulas here as well.

Apex Support Network & Membership

Full access to Apex support is limited to members only. You can create a “My Apex Fitness” account for the full network of Apex resources. The Bodybugg can be expanded to a system that allows you to plug in the food you eat throughout the day, and you will receive the caloric calculations via iPhone, Android or a device designed to work exclusively with the Bodybugg. The whole system may punch a $150-$250 hole in your budget.

The Apex online support network includes:

  • A message board forum 
  • Recipes
  • Motivation
  • FAQs
  • Newsletters
  • Calculation tools

In addition, Apex helps you with a free weight management plan. You can order your products once and have them delivered systematically as well. The company seems to be flexible and very accommodating about mail and shipping orders.

Apex Product Reviews

Price of the Bodybugg system and resource support is not listed along with the system’s advertisements. You do receive six months free support while you become acclimated to the program. Most of the reviews relate to the taste of the meal replacement, and nutrition bars. Many thought they were flavorful, while others described a couple as having a card board taste. The advantage is the choice of flavors, some of which reviewers really found to fit into their diet very well.

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