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Applied Nutriceuticals Sports & Wellness Products

Each Applied Nutriceuticals product is presented with a chock full of information to include:

  • A product overview
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Technical information
  • Stacks and cycles

Applied Nutriceuticals also offer testimonials and YouTube videos from actual consumers. Of course they are all positive testimonials. It is difficult to find someone who had a bad experience on the website. The website also offers a glimpse of the product label.

Applied Nutriceuticals Sports Product Line:

  • HGHUP - Hybrid anabolic hormone that increases testosterone levels to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. Consumers are expected to recover faster from a workout or injury. Metabolism rate improves. The product manufacturers also claim this product decreases the rate of aging, as well as experience more restful sleep.
  • LIT-UP - A pre-workout product with claims to increase testosterone and muscle strength with nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide synergy. Manufacturers boast the cumulative effects of this supplement without the over-stimulated feeling of anxiety. Additional claims are increased libido, mood enhancement, and joint health.
  • RPM - A thermogenic that metabolizes fat with anabolic and cognitive enhancers. Manufacturers claim this formula is the energy compound of the future. This product suppresses estrogen while it increases testosterone.
  • DRIVE - Is said to increase speed, stamina and endurance by using a combination of bio-chemical mechanisms. The bio-chemical mechanisms are supposed to increase thyroid activity with luteinizing hormonal roles.
  • NEOVAR - Creatine compound that promotes cell growth and volume without bloating.
  • OSTEO-SPORT - Increases the synovial fluid meant to lubricate and cushion joints. Is also said to regenerate collagen, cartilage, and tendons.
  • BLACK CATS - Increases energy levels without the drop-off. Is also said to tighten skin and burn fat.
  • FREE TEST - Acts like a prohormone, but is rather another “hybrid anabolic/near hormonal” compound. This product balances cortisol with testosterone.

Applied Nutriceuticals Wellness Product Line:

  • IGF-2 - An herbal human growth hormone enhancer intended for men over 40 who could use a boost in libido and virility. Is also supposed to improve workout recovery time.
  • OSTEOBOLIN-C - Using a unique approach to joint health, manufacturers use the ayurvedic herb cissus quadrangularis said to sustain connective tissue. It is also an anti-catabolic meant to decrease recovery time after a workout or any strenuous activity.
  • LIPOTROPHIN - Speeds the fat metabolic rate while increasing mental alertness. This product is intended to be taken in the morning to help you last throughout the day without losing steam.
  • OMEGA-ESSENTIALS - With a high dose of omega-3s, this product has the EPA/DHA combination meant to generate cardiovascular health. Omega 3s are known as healthy fats that prevent and break-up plaque in arteries. It also improves vitamin absorption, mental cognition, and  weight loss.
  • BIO-MEND - Manufacturers use a natural combination of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals which can cause cell damage. That combination includes, strawberry, grape seed, blueberry, and hawthorn berry extracts, acai, green tea, and quartering dihydrate and a few inactive ingredients to make this product effective.
  • COMPLETE-BALANCE - A multivitamin and mineral formula

The whole product line has many testimonials from customers who were pleased with their products. Of course, that is on their website. You can not view the price of the products online however, until you have finished choosing your products and progress to checkout.

Applied Nutriceuticals Other Products and Incentives

Applied Nutriceuticals offer t-shirts, caps, and other fitness gear to the public to promote the business. You can also participate in the rewards program for discounts on supplements you purchase ongoing. This promotional program is point based, so the more you purchase, the higher your discount. As with any supplement, you will be well advised to consult your physician before using these products. Compare the offerings from Applied Nutriceuticals and other companies by using the supplement finder now!





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