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APS Nutritional Pre-Workout Formulas:

  • Mesomorph - Makers of this product claim this is the pre-workout king. It contains the highest doses of ingredients clinically available. It comes in grape and tropical punch flavors. The main ingredients are creatinol-O-phosphate, more then 4000mg of beta alanine, 5000mg of citrulline malate, and Icariin 50. Recommended dosage is one scoop in the morning. It’s a synergy system that is a muscle builder and thermogenic intended to produce alpha male aggression. One customer said it could taste better. It sells for $49.99.
  • Plasmagen Nitrate - A pre-workout formula in capsule form that generates nitric oxide. Maufacturers boasts that this product gives you explosive strength that powers you through your aerobic workout. Your recovery period improves according to makers as well. Serving size is 10 capsules, and the cost is $39.99.
  • Nitrozine - Is said to be the ultimate formula for producing nitric oxide in the system and maintaining levels for a cumulative affect. The formula is a compound of glycocarn and agmatine sulfate which is given the name glycotine. Theobromine is added to supplement the agmatine sulfate for elevated mood. The bonus is the vasodilators. The dose is six capsules before your workout for $49.99.
  • Testatropin - A testosterone booster with coleus forskohlii, indole- 3-carbinole, xanthoparmelia scabrosa, 25R spirostan-6-one-3-onemucuna prureins 60% extract, and zinc citrate and D-aspartic acid. Recommended dosage is six capsules daily, 3-4 in the morning and 3 before your workout. The price is around $49.99.

APS Nutritional Fat Burning Formulas:

  • Phenadrine - Intensifies your workout as a lipolytic stimulant. This product also modulates estrogen and cortisol levels while it gives you focus. It contains N-acetyl-tyrosine, Icariin, caffeine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, N-methyl-beta-methylphenylamine HCL and methyl-synephrine. This formula is a muscle builder, energy enhancer, and increases libido. The recommended dosage of this product is 1 capsule per day at $49.95.
  • White Lightning- Makers claim this product is a must-have supplement, in that it gives you maximum energy with a thiamizine complex that is supposed to help you make the best of your workout without the crash later in the day. Manufacturers stress that you do not take more than 2 of these per day under any circumstances. Directions suggest you take one, 30 minutes before your workout. This product retails at $49.95
  • Yellow Thunder- A metabolic stimulant that uses an ephedra extract, yohimbe, hoodia, and green tea extract along with chromium, white willow bark and other ingredients for all day energy. Makers suggest you take one capsule once or twice per day with a six hour stretch between doses. This product is said to help with those stubborn pounds for a retail value of $45.95.

APS Nutritional Bulk Formulas:

  • Phenibut 500 - This product contains 4-amino-3-phenyl-butanoic acid which is meant to give you a good night's rest, and even improve REM sleep. Strong warnings are given on the label of this item. It is suggested that you “do not mix with alcohol, sedatives, or any drugs”. Serving size is one capsule before bed. Reviews from consumers suggest you take this product only if you have 11 or 12 hours you can devote to sleep. Phenibut 500 costs $55.99 on the APS website.
  • Creatine Nitrate - A combination of creatine nitrate, dicreatine malate, and vitamin C. This is supposed to be the ultimate compound for the release of nitric oxide for muscle building with smooth recovery after a workout. Dosage is four capsules. Reviewers say this one has side effects that would not allow them to sleep, while other reviewers stated it did not boost their energy level and caused bloating. This product retails at $49.99.
  • Coleus Forskohlii - Known for its vasodilatation properties, this item is also good for fat loss, muscle mass, bone mass, and thyroid function in addition to testosterone elevations. This product sells for $55.99.
  • Icariin 50 - This item mimics testosterone and aids with erectile dysfunction according to researchers. It is the main ingredient in horny goat weed. It also increases muscles and retails at $49.99. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule per day.

APS Nutritional Product Reviews

Most APS reviews were positive while other reviews relate to price and customer service. APS features another product called Vaserex which is intended for increased sexual performance. It is packed with horny goat weed, epimedium extract, yohimbe and

other herbs. Although the package recommends two capsules, one customer said at 220lbs, he performed well with one. As with any supplement, a doctor should be consulted before consumption. Take the time to compare APS products with those from other nutritional supplement companies by using the free supplement finder now!