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Year Founded: 2008


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Arizona Nutritional Sciences Differences

Arizona Nutritional Sciences aims to set itself apart from the competition through the ingredients it uses in its protein powders. The NitroFusion website promotes this product as completely free of both dairy and soy. In fact, the slogan for the powder reads "no dairy - no soy - no animal".

The protein sources used for NitroFusion include artichokes, brown rice, and peas. Among the benefits of these types of proteins is the fact that they are 99% digestible for most people. ANS also promotes the idea that the amino acids in NitroFusion are very similar in chemical composition to those found in mother's milk.

Arizona Nutritional Sciences credits the combination of its own research and 50 years of the nutritional science as the basis of their "breakthrough" formulas. They claim that NitroFusion and Plantfusion blend the best amino acids, enzymes, and proteins known in the scientific community. Obviously, like just about every other dietary supplement on the market, their claims have not been verified by the Food and Drug Administration. ANS also makes no bold claims of success or suggests that their protein powders will work for everyone.

Arizona Nutritional Sciences Price and Guarantee

NitroFusion and Plantfusion are both sold as pre-flavored powders in a 2lb. container with a retail price of around $30. The 2lb. of powder is enough to make approximately 20 servings. This seems to be a reasonable price when compared with some of the other weight training and bodybuilding proteins on the market, some of which can be twice the price.

Still, the question remains as to whether or not athletes could get the same amount of protein simply by modifying the diet. Although not necessarily an indication of poor quality, Arizona Nutritional Sciences doesn't offer any kind of guarantee with either NitroFusion or Plantfusion.

Arizona Nutritional Sciences Marketing

As with most bodybuilding and dietary supplements, the major marketing tool for ANS is their website. Interestingly enough, if you run an Internet search on the company name you will not find a dedicated site or domain name. You must search the terms "NitroFusion" or "Plantfusion" which will yield product-specific websites. On both product websites is a link to the company's main website, but clicking that link only takes you to an index page which says the site is currently under construction.

In addition, the MicroFusion website contains a section of articles and press releases. One would think that a company which has been around for 3+ years would have quite a bit of content in this section, especially since the introduction claims the site will be regularly updated with articles, reviews, etc. Instead, what you find are just a handful of blurbs regarding so-called press releases that have been published in the past. There is no updated content that would suggest the website is regularly maintained.

The fact that Arizona Nutritional Sciences' marketing seems to be lacking is an indication that the company might be happy just continuing to manufacture and sell its two current products. With several online retailers willing to carry MicroFusion and Plantfusion, there seems to be no motivation at this time to go any further.

On the positive side, both products get good reviews on various websites. The fact that continues a relationship with Arizona Nutritional Sciences is another indication that their protein powders might be worth a try. Compare these and other protein supplements by using the supplement finder now!

Arizona Nutritional Sciences