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Ascenta Health Product Availability

Ascenta Health products are some of the most widely available health supplements in the world. Their distribution network reaches the U.S., most of North America, the United Kingdom, India, and Taiwan. Products can be purchased through hundreds of point-of-sale distributors as well as dozens of retail chains in all the countries where the company is active. Some of the more well known retailers in the U.S. include Vitamin Shoppe, Life Spring Health Foods, and Whole Foods.

Consumers with no retail distributor in their area can shop online at the Ascenta Health website. Their easy to navigate e-store contains a list of all their products, including thumbnail images of the packaging and detailed information about each one. As an added bonus, some of the products even include an extensive FAQ section to answer consumer questions regarding safety, effectiveness, and usability. As far as health supplement companies go, Ascenta Health is on the high end in terms of providing useful information.

Ascenta Health Science

Just like most other health supplement manufacturers, Ascenta Health claims a scientific basis for its products and the ingredients they use. But unlike some, their website provides two sections with links to articles which back up their claims. Some of these articles are opinion pieces while others cite genuine facts and figures. An exhaustive reading of all these articles could take quite a bit of time, since the selections are numerous, but it would appear as the Ascenta Health is trying to provide as much information as possible.

Some of the articles consumers might find especially interesting talk about omega-3 fatty acids and their benefits to human health. Due to the fact that Ascenta Health claims to be the world leader in omega-3 fatty acids, it might be worthwhile for consumers to read the information provided. The website also contains a good number of articles about the benefits of fish oil, another common ingredient in Ascenta supplements.

Ascenta Health Reputation

As previously mentioned, Ascenta Health enjoys a good reputation among analysts for their business practices. In terms of the products themselves, the company lists four individuals they call their "experts". One of these experts is Canadian triathlete Simon Whitfield who won a gold medal in Sydney in the 2000 Olympics, and a silver in the 2008 Beijing games. Mr. Whitfield has partnered with Ascenta and includes a video testimony of why he has done so.

The other three experts cited by Ascenta Health are nutritional experts well-known in both the U.S. and Canada. Combined, these three individuals have appeared in numerous television shows and have been quoted in several distinguished newspapers and magazines. All three have a solid education and foundation in nutritional science, while one is currently a well-respected researcher in the field. The reputation of Ascenta Health experts is further credence to the quality of the company.

The fact that Ascenta Health has such a strong reputation is good reason to consider trying their supplements. It seems as though the only downside is the pricing. Although the cost of some of the supplements has recently been reduced on the website, retail outlets still tend to charge slightly more due to their mark-up. For this reason, buying Ascenta Health supplements from a retailer may be too pricey for some consumers. Nonetheless, they may be worth the cost if they work as advertised. Compare the price, quality and cost of Ascenta supplements with others using the free supplement finder now!