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Year Founded: 2006


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Athletic Body Care Products

Athletic Body Care products fall under three categories. They include:

  • Prevention
  • Treatment
  • Recovery

As you can imagine, preventing an infection, rash or worm is pretty important. These problems can leave you unable to exercise for a period of time and sometimes can lead to more serious conditions that require you to visit a doctor.

Prevention products include:

  • Skin sanitizer
  • Defense lotion
  • Power body wash
  • Body care towel
  • Body guard skin care

The skin sanitizers sold by Athletic Body Care are what you would expect from any skin sanitizer. They kill bacteria and germs that collect on your skin. What’s the difference between this and other sanitizers? Quite probably nothing since, like most sanitizers, it kills 99.99% of germs. Athletic Body Care claims it’s different because it was created by sports and health care professionals.

The defense lotion is simply a lotion that repairs, heals and sooths skin. There is no real difference here other than keeping the skin healthy, much like any good lotion will. The price of this product is about the same as any good lotion.

Athletic Body Care claims that their body wash is different from other sports soaps because it cleans, moisturizes and protects the skin, but it does it gently. The price of this product is slightly higher than sports soaps that you would find in your local discount store.

The body care towel is an ordinary towel and is priced as such. The reason that Athletic Body Care sells this towel is because they put their logo on one side so that you are always aware of which side of the towel should face up and which side should face down.

Lastly is the Body Guard Skin Care supplement. This is a supplement that supposedly hydrates the skin and keeps it healthy. It is full of necessary vitamins and nutrients and may be a quality multivitamin.

Athletic Body Care Treatment and Recovery

If you do get a rash, worm, etc. then it is time for treatment. The truth is that, in many cases, this is going to require a trip to the doctor. However, if you have common ailments, such as ringworm, jock itch or athlete's foot, then it is possible that Athletic Body Care’s Antifungal Treatment may work well for you. If fact, most weight trainers and athletes will need to use this type of product at some point in time.

Lastly is recovery. Again, if you have something serious, then you should always seek the care of a physician, not products from a little known prevention product company.

The only product under the recovery line is called Celadrin. The claim for Celadrin is that it will reduce swelling and restore fluid in the bones and joints to increase flexibility and mobility. Be sure to compare this with other joint health supplements on the market.

Athletic Body Care Users

According to Athletic Body Care, there is a good reason why you should be using their products; because of the other people who use and endorse their products.

If you are a combat athlete, then you may be interested to know that the following people use these products:

  • Benson Henderson
  • Kendall Grove
  • Marcus Kowal
  • Jeff Monson
  • Gary Alexander
  • Big John McCarthy
  • Professor Pedro Sauer
  • Alan Teo
  • Penny Thomas
  • Todd Medina
  • Chris Carlino
  • Miesha Tate
  • Tom LeCuyer
  • Brandon Ruiz
  • Jared Nathanson

If you know some of the more famous trainers, you might recognize:

  • Gunnar Peterson
  • Stan McQuay
  • Adam Ernster
  • Erik Paulson

From professional sports team there are:

  • Scott Mendelson
  • Carl State Fullerton – entire wrestling team

Athletic Body Care Other Assets

One of the other things that you might appreciate about Athletic Body Care is their advice section. They discuss ways to keep your body safe from germs and so on while you work out. In addition, they talk about what to eat for a healthy body and for healthy skin to keep infections away.

It's actually a mark of confidence that they have notable supporters and are engaged in provided education as well as sales to their reader. You will also learn about upcoming events, find recipes for eating well and much more on their website. You can find nutritional products to enhance your workout, with any Athletic Body Care products you use, with the supplement finder and nutrition education page provided here.  

Many famous trainers use Athletic Body Care products.
Athletic Body Care