Year Founded: 2002


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ATX Science Behind their Conclusions

According to ATX, because every sport requires the use of different muscle groups, stamina levels, endurance levels and so on, it stands to reason that these different people need different things to enhance their performance. Essentially, they claim to have developed a fingerprint that “is a molecular and biochemical picture of an athlete’s physiological state.”

One of the first things that you will notice if you research the process behind identifying the physiological fingerprint is that there are no actual studies conducted to reach any conclusions about different athletes. This company researched medical literature and talked to trainers and athletes to reach their conclusions about how the body responds before, during and after different types of workouts.

Based on the information collected from these different groups, ATX created a supplement that they claim focuses on what the body needs for that sport before their workout, during the workout and for recovery from the workout.

The ingredients chosen for the supplements are chosen based on what the company believes will best target the areas of the body that work the most within a sport. Each sport receives it own combination of ingredients.

Again, the ingredients used in their products are not studied under any controlled conditions. Instead, ATX simply researches existing literature on different supplements to see how effective they are. They only choose the ingredients that meet their “stringent” standards, although they don’t mention what those standards are.

ATX Products

As mentioned above ATX has products for football and for mixed martial arts (or combative sports). The products are:

  • ATX Combative Sports Pre-Workout Formula
  • ATX Combative Sports Recovery Formula
  • ATX Zone Football Formula
  • ATX Football Recovery Formula

ATX claims that the Combative Sports Pre-Workout Formula was created to increase hand and foot speed, punching power, increase endurance, decrease tissue damage from working out and improve reaction time.

They claim that their Combative Sports Recovery Formula decreases recovery time, repairs any damaged tissue, acts an anti inflammatory and boosts the immune system.

The claim for the Zone Football Formula is that it improves response time, improves mental acuity, aids in muscle repair and creates more oxygen in the muscles.

The Football Recovery Formula is meant to aid in the increase of muscle mass, protect joints, improve flexibility and create energy after a hard workout.

According to ATX, their products are being used by several professional football players with much success. There are two football players who give some credit to their success to using ATX products, they are Tad Kornegy and Aki Jones.

ATX Ingredients

Each of these products contains a variety of ingredients, some of which aren’t proven to do much of anything in the body while others have been shown in studies to be beneficial to the body.

Some of the ingredients include:

To their credit ATX lists all of the ingredients that can be found in all of their products and they list the potential benefits of each product. What you have to understand is that in most cases the benefits cannot be proven because clinical trials have never been conducted. This is not uncommon for nutritional supplements.

In fact, one reason for the lack of trials has to due with the cost and the fact that large pharmaceutical companies won't run them because they simply can't make enough money. So, this doesn't mean the products aren't effective, but it does mean that you have to use caution as many potential side effects may not be reported to anyone.

What’s more, ATX has come up with a unique way to target different sports groups, creating a niche for themselves in the supplement community. Most athletes think that their sport is the best so it stands to reason that they will want to purchase supplements that represent their sport.

The good news for those of you that find this type of targeted product appealing is that more sports are going to eventually be added to the product line. The bad news is that there is no news as to when more products will be produced. There were 5 years between the first sport and the second, which means it could be several more years. For now, you can compare ATX and other company products with the supplement finder!