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About Avant Labs Products

The company states that using its products will help customers build muscle and lose fat more rapidly than if they attempted to do so through diet and exercise alone. The Avant Labs product line also includes items that are marketed to those who want to avoid excess water retention.

Some products offered by this company are available in a liquid version, while others are available in get capsules. Other ones in the line are topical spot reducers. All the products offered by Avant Labs are meant to increase the user's aerobic performance and to help with weight loss.

Ingredients used in Avant Labs products are ones that are popular with manufacturers of performance products. Some of them do have been shown to help with weight loss when taken at the right dosage levels. The company does recommend exercise along with using its products to its customers as the way to achieve weight loss and its price point makes the products affordable for the average person.

Consumers are not able to see a complete list of ingredients on Avant Labs products. Anyone who chooses to use them should be aware that they may be ingesting stimulants that can be harmful to those with heart conditions.

Avant Labs Fat Loss Products

SesaThin is one of the company's fat loss products. It contains sesamin, an ingredient found in sesame oil. The product is marketed as being free of stimulants, while having the potential to fight obesity by burning fat.

The company claims that the product decreases the level of fat stored in the body and has antioxidant qualities. SesaThin is available in a gel capsule, as well as a liquid form.

Lipoderm ULTRA is a spray that is used to reduce fat at the site where it is applied. It removes excess water from the part of the body where it has been applied and dries quickly and cleanly.

LipoDerm-Y is a related product that is also used as a fat spot reducer. Its ingredients include caffeine, which is supposed to augment the product's effectiveness. The company recommends restricting calorie intake, along with applying the product to the hips, butt and thighs to achieve an improved appearance.

Phenogen is a dietary supplement that is promoted that is designed to target diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT), a fat storage enzyme. According to the information provided by the company, it works to inhibit storing of fat and mimics aerobic exercise for the body.

More Avant Labs Products

Advant Labs also offers H.E.A.T. Stack to customers who are looking for an appetite suppressant that can also help to burn fat. Users of this product can expect to experience only a minimal level of anxiety and jitters while doing so. H.E.A.T. Stack contains a combination of Hordenine, Evodiamine, Alpha-yohimbine, and Tyramine and improves mood while providing an energy boost.

LeptiGen Rebirth is a product that gives the body's metabolism a boost. It also acts as an appetite suppressant. This product is marketed toward customers who are overweight and who want to change their brain chemistry so that it's similar to that of a naturally thin person.

This company is billing itself as being unique in the world of supplements and that its products are more effective than other options available. Its claims to change brain chemistry through using the products is a different marketing tactic than what other companies are using. Is it accurate? There is no definitive proof. You will need to get your own anecdotal evidence if you choose to try it.

Avant Labs products are available from a number of online retailers. The claims being made by the company are impressive, but there is a distinct lack of anecdotal accounts of consumers achieving the results they are looking for. The fact that the products entire ingredient lists are not readily available means that a consumer does not have all the information that he or she needs to make an informed choice about whether to buy it. Use the nutrition education page and the supplement finder provided to compare Avant Labs and other products now!


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