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Ayurceutics Top Selling Products

Ayurceutics still strives for a holistic direction in its products, and seeks to make product ingredients that are high-potency but also bioactive and derived from traditional plants. The company’s love of nature and technology has led to some rather interesting creations in the nutrition and wellness industry.

What is the difference between Ayurceutics products and other supplemental drugs? The company puts great emphasis on its facility. This large facility is a state-of-the-art facility that operates according to standardized Good Manufacturing Practices. All products are verified and guaranteed. The company also speaks highly of its Avesta Advisory Board, which is made up of renowned Ayurvedic physicians and medical scientists.

Some of the most popular products in the company line include:

  • Ashwagandha, a stress reliever
  • Boswellia, a respiratory and joint healer
  • Gymnema, for blood sugar control
  • Mangosteen, an antioxidant
  • Shatavari, a female aphrodisiac
  • Tribulus for male enhancement
  • WinterWell, an immune system booster

Ayurceutics Environmental Approach

This line of herbal treatment is well regarded in the medical association, which is admittedly rare for supplemental products. However, the American Medical Association has spoken fairly of Ayurvedic supplements, stating that the supplements tested were uncontaminated with metals—something that could not be said of 70 other Indian and Pakistan brands. The company states that it tests all of its herbal supplements for all forms of contamination and test the products in-lab. The company also has the approval of the NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Association), now the National Product Association with an A rating for its product line.

The company’s products are vegetarian and do not used any animal-derivative products. They also rely on wild-crafted herbs, which is a responsible form of cultivating plant-based herbs while still preserving wild plants. All products are made using pure water and alcohol, completely free of toxicity. Furthermore, the company’s shipping materials are environmentally friendly with organic cotton stuffing and recyclable bottles.

Ayurceutics Advantages and Concerns

Ayurceutics products are certainly attractive to the athlete, the healthy dieter and the organic-living household. The company’s products are a complement to self-healing, yoga and other new age health philosophies. These supplements are averagely expensive, costing anywhere from $8 to $20 per bottle. The ingredients in some of these miracle herbs are well known to the industry and the facilities used for manufacturing are top notch.

However, the company does not offer a money back guarantee, nor does it have a well established brand name with celebrity support, video testimonials and the works.  It’s understandable, given the recent company acquisition as well as the fact that Ayurceutics is actually the property of Renaissance Herbs. Overall, this appears to be a trusted and reputable organization.

Remember that health supplements work differently among users, particularly users who take certain medications or have preexisting conditions. If you have a medical concern it is advisable to talk to a doctor before taking any new supplement product. Because these products are considered food items, they are not believed to have any medical side effects. Any resulting side effects would mainly be experienced because of an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient.

For more information on the Ayurceutics product line, visit the official website or email. You can always improve your health by taking in natural and healthy ingredients—whether from vegetables or from concentrated capsules. Find out more about any ingredients in ayurceutics supplements on the educational nutrition page here. Then compare several sources with the free supplement finder provided!

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