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Back 2 Basics Nutrition and the Muscle Building Solution

The program is an antioxidant blend and is intended as a workout routine “boost.”  Though the formula is recommended as weight loss treatment, it is mainly intended for hardcore bodybuilders who want to a spike of energy before their performance.

The blend is said to improve energy levels, strength and intensity, as well as mental focus. This is why some bodybuilding websites have indicated that the formula could also help “average” users lose weight, just as it helps bodybuilders to put on muscle.

The work out formula (before training) is an orange powder substance that has many basic nutrients packed into 750 grams. The formula is a bit on the pricey side, as one contained of 750 grams retailed for $59.99. However, some experienced bodybuilders claim that the herb-based product helped them to build lean muscle. As with all supplemental products, individual results may differ. 

Back 2 Basics Nutrition Contact Information

One of the most often criticized points about the Back 2 Basics Nutrition formula and the company is its lack of credentials, and lack of specific information provided. Indeed, the formula itself remains a secret, as only a set of dosage instructions is provided on the bottle. However, these nameless creators have finally revealed themselves and are now active on social media sites such as Face Book and MySpace.

Jared Siev, Jay Michael and Brian Siev are joint creators of the formula and are based out of New Jersey. Their approach to the formula is from an athletic angle. They call the BasiX formula a mental and physical energy booster that helps individuals squeeze in that extra workout that they may feel too fatigued to finish.

They state that the formula is based on other contemporary pre-workout formulas and that it has one natural advantage—that the user does not “crash” after taking it. It has just a few ingredients and these, the company suggests, are the most important elements needed for a bodybuilding diet.

Back 2 Basics Nutrition and Legitimacy

Back 2 Basics Nutrition is not very popular online and, in fact, the company has no official website. The lack of a website has hurt its online reputation, as many users are pointing out that there is no ingredients list, no customer reviews or testimonials, and that the company’s history and status remain obscure. However, the BasiX product is still being carried by some if not all of the top bodybuilding supplement websites.

Here is what we do know about BasiX—it is a scientifically based program that favors a highly aggressive workout routine. Thus, it is not recommended for people as a form of weight loss, as there is no evidence that it can help with appetite suppression, metabolism or any other internal process. The manufacturers themselves recommend that if users want to tone muscle rather than build bigger muscles, that it’s best to limit the dosage of the product.

Unfortunately, individual user testimony has reported some side effects; some mildly discomforting and some others moderately severe. However, the Back 2 Basics Nutrition Company has stated that the product has passed clinical and trial tests and was “sponsored by the FDA.”

Should you experiment with Back 2 Basics Nutrition? Again, the weight loss claims seems questionable and are not actually widely reported by the social media pages of the company. Their emphasis appears to be on the physical effects this program has on bodybuilding. This is a claim that even the product’s critics have not denied, so it does appear as if the product has some valuable ingredients as far as muscle toning goes.

If you are thinking of a drastic change in diet, supplementation or weight lifting it is best to ask your doctor for advice. Use the educational nutrition page and the supplement finder to locate and compare supplements from several companies now!

UPDATE: Information on Back 2 Basics Nutrition is no longer easily available, and their products seem to be discontinued.

Back 2 Basics Nutrition