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Year Founded: 2007


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Benfatto Nutrition Founder

Benfatto, now in his fifties, was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and was pursued by Joe Weider, bodybuilding mogul and Olympia creator, in the 1980s to become a professional bodybuilder. “The Sphinx,” as he has been called, is today considered to be one of the best physical specimens of all time, especially after his 14 year rejoinder at the Australian Grand Prix of 2006. Benfatto now resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

As of now, he is training for, and considering which competitions he should enter, in order to best prepare for the Olympia 2012 competition. Recently, he has performed at FIBO POWER, while simultaneously promoting Benfatto Nutrition.

Owner Francis Benefatto has quietly built his own bodybuilding empire, thanks to benefactor, Joe Weider, who “discovered” him, and gave him his start as a competitive bodybuilder who has also found his way onto the covers of several fitness and bodybuilding magazines.

Benefatto Nutrition is a unique nutritional supplement company. Although they are no longer maintaining a website representing their company, they continue to manufacture and sell the popular supplement product, Furnace.

Furnace is considered a lipotropic fat burner, and can be purchased on Bodybuilding .com for about $45 for 80 uses. However, what makes this product different from others like it is that allegedly there are no stimulants or “let-down” once the product wears off.  Additionally, because it contains no stimulants at all, there are no jitters or edginess usually associated with caffeine or similar products.

Benfatto Nutrition and Furnace for Weight Loss

Available in capsule form, Furnace’s effectiveness is based on its ability to fight against the body’s natural need to make deposits of fat. Furnace supports the health of the liver, while helping the body to metabolize fat with the help of one major ingredient called chitosan, which has been found to raise the metabolic rate in the body. Other ingredients found in Furnace include tyrosine, raw liver, beet leaf, black radish, and betaine.

Benfatto Nutrition and Furnace Dosage

Dosage instructions are few. However, Furnace should be taken, three capsules at a time, with breakfast, and is meant to help users with both weight loss and fat reduction. It is intended for adults over 18 years of age only.

Benfatto Nutrition and Furnace Side Effects

There are no proven side effects documented at this time. However, because Furnace contains chitosan, you should not take furnace if you are allergic to shellfish. You can easily compare Benfatto Nutrition and other weight training supplements with the supplement finder now!


Benfatto Nutrition