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Year Founded: 2002


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Betancourt Nutrition’s Ripped Juice Extreme Liquid

One of the most well known products by Betancourt Nutrition is the very first, Ripped Juice, which is a bodybuilding supplement marketed towards both men and women weight trainers who want to increase their energy levels for high performance training, as well as trade body fat for lean muscle.

On the side of what makes this product uniquely attractive as a bodybuilding supplement, Betancourt Ripped Juice Extreme does come from a bodybuilding champion, who knows what it takes to create success in muscle building and overall body mass. Moreover, Betancourt Nutrition, unlike many of competitors, has its own manufacturing laboratory led, designed, and monitored by a team of nutrition and supplement experts.

Ripped Juice also comes through on increasing the rate at which fat is burned, or thermo genesis, and suppressing appetite. The ingredients used are also a lot safer than many of the other bodybuilding supplements on the market and include the following:

Lastly, Betancourt Nutrition products, including Ripped Juice, can all be purchased on the website, which adds a certain level of convenience.

Now on the other side of the coin, Betancourt Nutrition’s Ripped Juice products are awfully expensive in comparison to other similar products on the market. As there are a lot of ingredients in the product, there is a larger possibility of allergic reactions for certain people.

Though there are other positive reviews on the Internet regarding this product, the website itself has no special testimonials to offer, which is unusual- but not necessarily bad. Moreover, no studies have been done on Ripped Juice products, so there is no proof that it will work on most anyone with bodybuilding intentions. Lastly, these products are more applicable and more helpful to those who are seeking to body build and not necessarily lose weight.

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

Another one of the popular products out there by Betancourt Nutrition is the Bullnox Androrush. The Bullnox Androrush is a popular market product that claims to offer androgenic stimulation, increase strength endurance, increase energy levels, and “dilate cardiovascular and muscular tissue” in an effective pre workout nitrous oxide supplement.

It does live up to its claims, and then some. The Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush offers a wide range of tasty flavors, which is refreshing when compared to the other market chemical tasting products; and the increased ability for stamina and muscle strength is noticeable from the first supplementation. Often, many of the other products out there give you chemical taste with a minimal effectiveness in giving you the energy and stamina to work out hard and train for your goals; but not this one. This is a winner.

Betancourt Nutrition Creatine Chewies

Another highly used product from Betancourt Nutrition is their Creatine Chews. The claim of this product is to offer a bodybuilder or training athlete improved muscle recovery and strength training abilities in the convenience of a chew. These Creatine Chewies not only pack the same punch as any of the top ranking creatine supplements on the market, but they also taste great. If you are seeking a creatine supplement that is maximum on creatine absorption and advancing strength training abilities with the energy, fast muscle recovery, and stamina building ingredients; then the Betancourt Creatine Chewies are one of the best choices. Unlike many other products that offer the same benefits, these chewies taste good and are great for on the go-without the stress and mess of a powdered shake.

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Betancourt Nutrition