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Year Founded: 1995


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Better Bodies Nutrition Website

Better Bodies has a website that is laid out well and has an attractive color scheme (dark blue, yellow-orange and white) that is pleasant to look at. There are seven areas on this website.

Featured items and a brief explanation of the company’s goals make up the home page. The About Us section provides more information about the company, such as how they choose which products to sell. Sale items for each week are listed under Weekly Specials. Better Bodies has a page for a blog, but it doesn’t contain any posts. 

The Shipping and Tracking pages explain shipping fees (flat rate of $10.00 for orders under $99.00 in Canada, $15.00 flat rate outside of Canada and free shipping for orders over $99.00) and typical delivery time (2-4 business days). They also provide a link to the Canadian postal service so customers can track their purchases.

The company’s contact page provides a phone number, email address, snail mail address and a form to use to ask questions. On the left side of each page there's a panel where you can search for products by category or manufacturer.

Better Bodies Products

Better Bodies has three main goals they want to help you with: lose weight, build muscle and increase strength. There's a link for each of these focuses that directs you to products specific to them. Examples of products for each goal are listed below.

Lose Weight:

  • Allmax Razor8 Shredded – burns fat faster and gives you an energy boost
  • MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore – speeds up your metabolism and increases thermogenesis, heat production in the body, which aids in weight loss
  • West Pharm Hydrolean – suppresses your appetite, helps long-term weight loss and redirects fat cells to your muscles to be burned off

Build Muscle:

  • Allmax Arginine Power – releases growth hormones more quickly, boosts immunity and helps build muscle mass
  • Dymatize Xpand Xtreme Pump – a pre-workout supplement containing creatine, anabolic amino acids and beta-alanine to help you get the most out of your workout
  • Gaspari SuperPump 250 – gives you five times the ability to build muscle

Increase Strength:

  • BSN NO-Xplode – enlarges your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow, which lets you work your muscles harder
  • EAS Pro Science Creatine – raises your ability to workout and supports muscle growth
  • MHP T-BOMB II – boosts testosterone levels, increases “free testosterone,” and stops testosterone from converting to estrogen and DHT

Better Bodies gives detailed descriptions of most of the products it sells.

Better Bodies’ goal is to provide customers with the best nutritional supplements available in Canada. In order to accomplish this, the company constantly seeks out new muscle building, weight loss and pre-workout products and asks athletes to test them all before they're put on the shelves. Better Bodies Nutrition also employs experts in weight loss and sports nutrition to monitor these tests and answer customers’ questions. Because of this, when buying from Better Bodies Nutrition, you can more likely trust that the products work and that they of high quality.

You can purchase items directly from Better Bodies Nutrition on their website and have them shipped to you. The only disadvantage is the company requires you to create an account before you buy, so you can't just quickly order a product on your first time shopping there. The products Better Bodies Nutrition sells are rather expensive, ranging from $30 to $100.

Better Bodies Nutrition Company Conclusion

Better Bodies seems to be standing up to its goal of providing top-of-the-line nutritional supplements and diet aids to people who want to increase strength, lose weight and/or build muscle. The trial runs done by athletes allow the company to refuse any product that doesn't make the grade.

Unfortunately, independent opinions about Better Bodies are extremely hard to find, which could lessen its appeal for some people. But the fact that Better Bodies Nutrition prides itself on its customer service department could make up for that. The ability to call or write to get answers to your questions in a reasonable amount of time is a quality that many companies lack.

If you're looking for quality nutritional supplements to help you reach your goal, you might consider buying from Better Bodies Nutrition. Compare their products and others by using the free supplement finder right now!

Better Bodies