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Betty Lou's Products

A visit to the company website reveals a product list in the left-hand column, topped by Betty Lou's protein shakes. The shakes come in three different flavors, packaged either in a 22.75 oz. bulk container or in a box of 15 individually packaged 1.5 oz. servings. The shakes are intended to be mixed with water and are billed as being high in protein, fiber, probiotics, minerals, and essential nutrients. All of the shakes' ingredients are clearly listed on the website and the packaging.

Betty Lou's line of Just Great Stuff Bars are available in four varieties: Superberry Acai, Organic Fruit and Veggie, Organic Chocolate Dream Greens, and Organic Cacao Acai. Each box contains 12 individually wrapped, 1.5 pounds bars. All of Betty Lou's Just Great Stuff Bars are certified organic, vegan, and gluten free. Like the protein shakes, the bars are an excellent source of organic rice protein. The company's product list also includes a long list of other items such as cookies, "bites" and "balls" snacks, patties, and specialty items.

Betty Lou's Availability

Betty Lou's products are available first and foremost at the company website. The shopping cart feature allows customers to browse items and add them to the cart as they go. A secure server handles the transaction including processing credit card information and arranging for shipping. Website prices are fairly reasonable and clearly displayed with each item. Furthermore, consumers can click on individual items to find detailed information regarding serving size, ingredients, and nutritional information.

Other nutritional supplement and weight training websites carry various amounts of Betty Lou's products. Locally, you may be able to find a health food or nutritional supplement store in your area that carries Betty Lou's. The company website provides a store locater feature where consumers can type in their zip code and find any participating stores within 25 miles of their location.

Betty Lou's Website

Since Betty Lou's single most important marketing method is the company website, it's important to address its functionality here. Suffice it to say, this website is one of the most thorough in the entire health food and nutritional supplement industry. In contrast to some of their competitors, who tend to prefer vagueness and ambiguity, this company hides nothing in terms of the products it sells and the goals they are trying to achieve. If nothing else, consumers won't be able to thoroughly review the website and still claim they didn't have enough information.

The site is a bit cumbersome to navigate because of the sheer volume of information, but website designers have made the task somewhat easier by allowing consumers to shop either by category or by specific dietary needs. Although short, the links are descriptive enough to allow consumers to find their way to what they need quickly. The biggest drawback to the website is the fact that its graphic intensity causes it to load slowly on older machines whose memory and video are not up to par.

Overall, Betty Lou's appears to be a company that warrants further investigation for consumers who desire healthy foods and snacks along with their nutritional supplements. With such a large variety of things to offer, Betty Lou's could be your one-stop shop for all your supplement and health food needs. To compare the offerings of Betty Lou's and other companies, use the free supplement finder provided here and now! 

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