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Year Founded: 2003


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Bhelliom Enterprises Reviews

The internet is rife with reviews and customer testimonials regarding Bhelliom Enterprises products. As a general rule, professional reviews give good marks to this company for providing supplements that achieve decent results. Reviews for the Pleasure Pill and 8-Hr. Energy products are especially plentiful. Most of the professional reviews include one or two customer testimonials with varying results.

Forum postings, on the other hand, show far different results for the company's products. Depending on which specific product the poster is talking about, forum postings generally run 2-to-1 in either direction. For example, the 8-Hr. Energy product received more negative posts than positive, with most of the complaints claiming the product did absolutely nothing to boost energy. Those who loved the product claimed it worked just as advertised.

With the Pleasure Pill supplement, the reaction was just the opposite. Forum postings ran 2-to-1 in favor of the product, claiming it helps both men and women achieve the sexual enhancement results they were looking for.

Among the negative comments was a common complaint that the supplement actually made consumers sick - to the point of causing vomiting and sleeplessness. One possible explanation for the negative side effects could be the inclusion of cnidium, an herb known to increase nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which could cause such symptoms in some people.

Bhelliom Enterprises Pricing

One of the positive things regarding Bhelliom Enterprises is the pricing of their products. Again, using the 8-Hr. Energy product as an example, a single 2-ounce shot carries a retail price of around $3.49. A case of 12 shots is $39.99. Mr. Energy pills, Pleasure Pill, and Alcohol-X are reasonably priced as well.

Interestingly, consumers who visit the Bhelliom Enterprises website won't find full descriptions of all the company's products. As a measure of inconsistency some of Bhelliom's featured products have their own dedicated websites complete with their own marketing and ordering info.

Bhelliom Enterprises distributes its supplements through a limited network of online distributors and brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Some products can be ordered online, directly from their dedicated websites, while others cannot. The company's main website offers a toll-free number and e-mail address to contact them, but they make no effort to provide a list of distributors or a means of finding them. A standard internet search appears to be the only source of such information at this time.

Bhelliom Enterprises Conclusion

If the company's products work as well as advertised, they are indeed supplements worth investigating further. But consumers who have never used the supplements must rely on testimonials and internet reviews in order to make an informed decision.

As previously stated, published prices that could be found seem to be reasonable when compared to other similar products on the market. In fact, if the 8-Hr. Energy product lives up to its weight-loss claims, it would be one of the most inexpensive supplements for those trying to shed unwanted pounds.

On the negative side, Bhelliom Enterprises' stark lack of information is cause for alarm. Some of this company's competitors provide so much information about their products and claims that it can be almost overwhelming at times. Bhelliom's decision to limit their information, particularly when it comes to the ingredients their products contain, suggests a reason to proceed cautiously. Although the company website is clean and easy to navigate, it contains more hype than actual substance, which is another reason for concern. Use the free supplement finder to compare Bhelliom Enterprise and other available nutrition options today!

Bhelliom Enterprises