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Bio-X Performance Nutrition Products

Bio-X Performance Nutrition offers products in seven different categories. They state on their company website that products are made from all natural ingredients of the highest quality. The products produced and marketed by the company include the following:

Performance Proteins:

  • Power Whey Isolate – Whey isolate protein powder with digestive enzymes that comes in seven different flavors
  • Power Whey Complex – Whey complex powder with digestive enzymes that comes in ten flavors
  • Protein Fusion – Time release protein drink snack

Meal Replacement/Weight Loss:

  • Power Meal Fuel – Drink that contains a ratio of 3 grams of protein to 1 gram of carbohydrates and includes L-Glutamine, BCAAs, and high level fiber in order to leave you feeling full and ready for an intense workout

Weight Gainers:

  • Lean Mass Gainer – High calorie powder drink mix with added protein, whey isolate and concentrate, and micellar casein
  • Nitro Juice 3000 – Creatine, Glutamine, and Taurine combine for an energy beverage that contains 1000 calories per serving to help you gain weight

Protein and Energy Bars:

  • Protein 32 Bar
  • 3 Carb Protein Bars
  • Protein Blast Bar

Protein and Energy Drinks:

  • Protein Blast – Fat free, all natural, can of ready to drink high protein snack shake
  • Amino Blast – Ready to drink, balanced ratio of protein to carbohydrates, meant to be consumed immediately after training
  • Tea Blast – Drink with zero calories or sugars and high level of naturally occurring caffeine from tea leaves
  • 3 Carb Protein Shake – canned, ready to drink, protein shake

Performance Supplements:

  • Glutamine Rush – 100% pure Glutamine Powder
  • Creatine Rush – 100% pure pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate
  • Nitro Rush – Powder supplement meant to speed recovery from intense workouts
  • Nitro Shock – powder meant to enhance workouts and mental focus

Vitamins and Minerals:

  • Ultimate Vitamin Pack
  • Ultimate Once a Day
  • Ultra Therma Burn
  • Caffeine 200mg

Bio-X Performance Nutrition Company Reviews

Bio-X Performance Nutrition does not have any negative complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Positive reviews of the company state that the website is well laid out with all products and descriptions of them listed clearly for the consumer to read.  The company has been around for close to two decades with the same person in charge that originally founded the company. This longevity shows that the company has staying power and is not a fly by night company that sprang up out of nowhere to market unknown products.

On the negative side, cons to this company include the fact that it goes by two names. While it lists its real name as Nutrition Zone, it is better known by the brand name of the products it manufactures; Bio-X Performance Nutrition. This can be confusing to consumers who may not realize that the names are synonymous.

Additionally the products produced and marketed by Bio-X Performance are geared more towards those who are already in shape. While there are a couple of products geared towards weight loss, the marketing campaigns and website design utilized by the company may turn off those that are not in shape and simply looking for weight loss products.

Bio-X Performance Nutrition Product Reviews

The majority of reviews for the supplements and products made by Bio-X Performance Nutrition are positive in terms of the products having their desired effects. Some of the reviews for the powdered beverages stated that the taste was mediocre or poor.

While some reviews stated that the products mixed well with water, others stated that they did not. A few reviews for the Nitro Juice 3000 weight gainer stated that the product is so filling that you do not feel like eating the rest of the day, leading to weight loss instead of weight gain.

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Bio-X Performance Nutrition