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Biochem Sports and Fitness System

Biochem does not just consider themselves a seller of various nutritional supplements. They think of their product line as a complete system, offering different athletes what they need.

As part of the total system, Biochem offers different protein powders, whey powders, creatine, egg protein, fat metabolizers, fat burners, and muscle builders. Additionally, some of the products they offer are 100% vegan, so even vegans can benefit from high protein supplements without worrying about the consumption of animal products.

The 100% Vegan Protein Powder gets its protein from sources such as peas, hemp, and cranberries. Other non vegan protein powders available include 100% Whey Protein Powder, 100% Greens and Whey Powder, and 100% Raw Foods and Whey Powder.

Muscle building supplements include amino acid supplements that are vegetarian and kosher and some of the fat burning supplements are also vegetarian and kosher. The Omega Burn is not vegetarian but is it a fatty acid supplement based on Omega-3 acids. It also includes Omega-6 and Omega-9 for a complete essential supplement.

Biochem and Country Life Vitamins

Biochem is a nutritional product system that is operated by Biochem but owned by Country Life Vitamins. Country Live Vitamins has been selling nutritional and dietary supplements for 40 years. Country Life is also affiliated with Desert Essence and Iron-Tek.

The reason they offer such an extensive line of supplements is because they believe everybody has different needs. Since no two people are exactly the same those two people may not be able to benefit from the same supplement. By offering a vast array of different supplements that cater to different people and different needs, Biochem is able to help more people accomplish their fitness goals.

Biochem Nutrition

All of the Biochem products are gluten free, which means that you don’t have to worry about gluten allergies. Any products that may contain allergy sensitive ingredients are clearly marked so that you can avoid allergic reactions to ingredients such as wheat, soy, or dairy.

In order to cater to vegetarians, Biochem offers several vegetarian products as mentioned above. Between all of the supplements sold by Country Life Vitamins, vegetarians can buy over 100 vegetarian or vegan products. Many of these same products are also Kosher.

In addition to offering pure supplements such as 100% whey protein, Biochem does not use artificial flavors or sweeteners in their products. However, you can enjoy the taste of the different nutrition supplements because they come in flavors such as chocolate and vanilla.

Biochem Products and Artificial Hormones

Artificial hormones are not an ingredient in the Biochem supplement line. Some supplements sold by other companies contain rBGH and rSBT, which are engineered hormones. Although these hormones were approved by the FDA in 1993 the required testing time was only 90 days instead of the usual two years.

These artificially engineered hormones have already been banned in Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand, as well as all of Europe. One of the biggest threats of these artificial hormones is the increased risk of cancer. Another concern of the hormones is the reduced resistance to infections.

Rather than use supplements that contain artificial hormones, consider supplements that do not add artificial ingredients. Supplements should really be based on nutrition, and therefore they should provide you with a healthy benefit and not a health risk.

In addition to the product line offered by Biochem, you can get an assortment of amino acids, specialty supplements, sports products, digestive enzymes, herbs, vitamins, and minerals from Country Life Vitamins. While not all of the nutritional supplements sold by Country Life Vitamins are from Biochem, all of the companies related to Biochem have the same basic philosophies.

Country Life sells vitamins, Desert Essence sells natural products that are dedicated to your personal care, and Iron-Tek sells supplements geared towards bodybuilders. Biochem sells supplements that concentrate on sports and fitness. You can buy and compare these supplements, along with many others, by using the free supplement finder provided now!




Biochem Sports and Fitness